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  • Ruger M77 RS .338 WIN

    I just bought a Ruger M77 RS in 338 WIN from a guy in Washington...I got a fair deal on it and it is in great shape for a 1986 mfc. Minor use marks and scratches. I wanted to buy a medium bore good bolt action rifle that is true real life tested. The guy was the original owner and had a gunsmith do a few mods, the recoil lug was beefed up, for example. He also gave made is working receipes for his pet loads, etc. Its not a sniper rifle, however, I am getting 3/4 to 1 inch groupes consistently at the range in fair conditions. I was shooting near max loads, so it goes without saying that it takes me better part of an afternoon to shoot 15 to 20 rounds without first frying the barrel or dislocating my shoulder, hehehe. Lastly, the original owner was an Elk and deer hunter in SE Washington, (not as wet) therefore, it does have a wooden stock and blues finish with the plum receiver. Soooo, what I am asking is any real-life feedback and experiences from Alaskans on this combo, cause I am planning to evenually be a resident by next year, and wanted to use this set-up for Blackies and moose mostly in the SE. and central AK( I know it wet) however, rather than use my Synth-SS 300 mag. Dakota I wanted to use the old 338 mag and stick with a traditional round. I have read many stories about wonder guns (like the Savage in SS) not preforming in real-life senerios....

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    Ruger RS

    Sorry, this is just a comment. I really miss the RS option Ruger used to have with most of its 77s. Particularly in .338 but also the newly chambered .350 RM and I'm thinking .325 WSM (?) it would be nice to have the iron sight option. Even the .300 mags (all 3 of them) would be well suited for the use of irons in my opinion.



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      Old Rugers


      I really like the old Rugers, especially the RS version. I want sights on a hunting rifle. I have ownd a couple that had the lug and bedding system modified to get away from the angled bedding screw and float the barrel and they shot very well. Oh, some will say no CRF and no three position safety, but the rifles are very strong and much better built than a Savage 110 and stronger than the very popular Remington 700. They have generally had better quality control than the Winchester M70. So, that makes them a very good rifle. They are very reliable and I'll would hunt with one anywhere.

      I will say if you spend a lot of time in a wet, salt air invironment that some type of rust resistant coat may be in order and the wood stock will need to be sealed well and bedded. I float the forend and use glass bedding material on the forend inner surface, full length, like full bedded but just tape the barrell so after it sets the barrell won't touch the forend any where and now it can't warp. Of course a good McMillan after market stock will work fine also. I am really a blue steel and walnut kind of guy and like a friend of mine says "Life's too short to hunt with an ugly rifle". Good shootin'.

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        Ruger RS

        I hunt with a No 1 which is blued. As long as you take care of it there should be no problems. You might want to look at a new finish such as teflon or Birdsong's Black T. I live and work in Southeast Alaska so I know a little about rain and blued firearms. Use break-free or something similar and take the rifle out of the stock to treat all the metal parts. Then take it hunting and enjoy it. Jim


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