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bullets loaded backwards.........thought this interesting---Results.

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  • bullets loaded backwards.........thought this interesting---Results.

    results were not what I would have expected. Learn something new everyday.
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    Same topic came around a couple years ago...
    Originally posted by SKS50 View Post
    I fired a few backwards 54r FMJ bullet using military ball ammo with the exposed base to just see if it could be done and if accuracy was affected,the backwards bullet is nothing new and is a common technique used in subsonic loads to increase terminal effects. My results pretty much mimic the results found here
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      I think old Cooper Landing gun smith Harold Johnson did that with .50 cal. BMG bullets after he turned them down in a lathe. He stuffed them in a blown out .348 Win. case I think was called the .50 Alaskan, not to be confused with the .450 Alaskan on a blown out .348. Said they sailed through brown bears, I bet they did.


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        An old now expired friend used to load em backwards in his 222 for squirrels and rabbits. He was also known to have deer in the freezer earlier than the rest of us. He once told me that his backwards bullets would maintain a straight line through a deer better than a FMJ bullet. My advice to him was to wait until December and then he could shoot them with slugs like everybody else did. Not a good friend, by the way.


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