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rossi 92 and buffalo bore 325 grainers problem

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  • rossi 92 and buffalo bore 325 grainers problem

    I've a friend that owns a rossi 92 carbine that seems to hang up with the buffalo bore 325 grainers. since the ammo can't be returned, I was thinking a gunsmith could remedy this. On a google search, one guy on another forum claimed he had a gunsmith remedy his 45 long colt for this particular ammo. Another thing I thought of, was just pushing the factory bullets slightly deeper into the case with a bullet seating die, and then re-crimping them. there seems to be some empty space, as I can hear powder moving around when the factory cartridges are shaken. what to do? The owner has a pile of the buffalo bore for a ruger revolver, there must be some way to get it to work.

    It only hangs up on the first round, every round thereafter, the spring seems to have more momentum. on the first round, a little fiddling with the lever will get the longish round to actually clear, and the loading ramp to bring the cartridge up to be chambered.

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    Simple solution is to open the action and hand feed the first one in, close it and load her up.
    Is his rifle a 45Colt or a 454? My 454 will load 454s without a hitch but you have to work the lever fast and hard to get it work with the same bullet (Lee 300gr) in the shorter 45 Colt case. I would imagine any decent gunsmith could figure it out and fix it.


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      I'd clean the inside of the magazine tube real good for starters. Make sure that it doesn't have some crud or rust inside the magazine tube that the spring plunger is getting hung up on when he loads that last round. The smallest amount of damage to the tube could do the same thing. A tiny dent or being out of round.

      It sure is hard to know without a paws on eyeballing. Our own ADfields is in the process of moving to Az. so he might be a tad bit busy. He knows those 92 lever guns like the zipper on his favoritest blue jeans.


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        Is it marring up the nose, they are just seated too long for it? I bet you know how to take it down but if not I can show ya. On the cartridge lifter there is a bump that stops the case head, take about .050 off that so the round sits back and nose lifts. If lifts but wont feed in the chamber itís a wide nose bullet issue and harder to fix but making a bit of a ramp in the barrel to make the corner easer for the case to bend around is the fix.
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          On mine, the issue was feeding into the chamber due to the length/width. (Drawing an imaginary rectangle around the corners of the meplat and the case head, the feed angle wasn't going to work). I never bothered to take it in for the chamber ramp, I just bought the Lee 300rf mold, which allows a shorter coal. It actually casts 325 with gas check. Not the answer you're looking for I'm sure, but it's what I went with.
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            I have owned a few Rossi 92s. My favorite 44 Mag hand-load uses a 310 grain Keith style hard-cast slug. My revolvers would chamber them no problem, but my Rossi rifles required that I seat the bullet just a touch further into the case. Which really jacked up the pressure signs.
            If all else fails, you might be able to trade the offending ammo to somebody here for some ammo that will cycle through that carbine.
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              I did the trick Andy mentioned and it worked sorta...pulled the whole action apart and polished and buffed everything and it works like a watch now. The inside of the Rossi 92 (I have a 44 Mag and 45 LC) is finished with a brick so when you clean it up they seem to work as their name sake.
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