How to buy a shotgun if you are a foreign visitor?



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  • How to buy a shotgun if you are a foreign visitor?

    We're planning a trip into the wild for several months, and beside bear pepperspray and common sense we would be pleased if we were carrying a shotgun with us, or at least something that would make a big bang, enough to scare a bear away. However, from what i've found on the internet you can't buy a gun in Alaska if you are a foreigner, or is it?

    What are the rules?

    What can we do?

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    Seems like section A3 contains some information relevant to your situation. If it were me, I'd do a considerable bit more research, but at first glance it seems you should be able to "posess" a shotgun. That said, should you, in doing your homework, find it is legal to purchase and possess a firearm, a quick Google search for "buy used firearm alaska" should return the results to get you started in the right direction... at least that would be my thought, setting how I hate paying retail price for just about anything.

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      An alien admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa is not prohibited from purchasing, receiving, or possessing a firearm if the alien falls within one of the following exceptions:

      (1) is in possession of a hunting license or permit lawfully issued by the

      Federal Government, a State, or local government, or an Indian tribe federally recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which is valid and unexpired;

      (2) was admitted to the United States for lawful hunting or sporting purposes;

      When you get here go buy an Alaska non-resident hunting license and you are legal to buy a gun. You won’t be able to get a store to sell you one though so you will need to arrange with a privet person here to sell you one. There will be many on these forums that will sell you a shotgun and then buy it back at a lesser price when your are done with it . . . I suggest a pump action.

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