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Mid-Range Prone and F-Class Matches

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  • Mid-Range Prone and F-Class Matches

    The Alaska Rifle Club will hold Mid Range Prone rifle matches on JBER at Pedneau Range. The Course of fire will be 3x600 yard matches fired from prone at standard pull targets. The dates are June 21 and July 19. Entry is from 0800-0830 at the range parking lot. The tournament fee is $20.00 The match is open to all Club Members. We have a one day membership available for $5.00
    Rifles allowed are Service rifle, M1,M14, and M16 or civilian equivalent thereof. Any rifle w/any sight (scope) or Palma Rifle fired from prone with a sling. F-TR rifle-any rifle in 5.56/.223 or 7.62x51/.308 fired off a bipod. F-Open-Any rifle fired off a rest.
    Shooters will be required to pull and mark targets.
    NRA Classification system will be used. Eye and ear protection is required. New shooters will fire as Unclassified.
    For range directions or any questions about the match contact Mark Friest 907-333-8199 or Jon Terhune 907-262-5867 or
    Directions: From Anchorage, go North on the Glenn. At the JBER/Arctic Valley exit and turn right at the top of the ramp, and left on the frontage road. Go 2 miles and turn right on the small arms complex road. Turn right at the Y and follow sign to Pedneau Range. The parking area is just past the range on the left.

    Here is an opportunity for folks to come out and shoot at 600 yds. You will have 30 minutes on the line and allowed to fire unlimited sighters and 20 shots for record for each match. You will be allowed to use a different rifle for each match if you wish.
    Come and shoot--It'll be a lot of fun!

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    Sure hope that folks from this site will come to participate. I'm looking forward to meeting you.


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