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  • Smitty and Brownbear this is for you!

    A month ago this guy was selling 223 ammo in a lot of 33,600 rounds for $40,000, Last week same guy same lot of ammo for $32,000 and here's what it's listed at now.

    I hope he gets to eat all of it and I won't buy any of it no matter how low it goes.

    I know it's 223 but it's the same principle.

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    Had he broke that up and auctioned by the can starting at a penny he likely would have got his money for it . . . but no . . . prove you’re a greedy azzhat by putting a huge starting bid and come away with nothing at all. I don't understand guys like this.
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      Reminds me of Wiley Coyote chasing Road Runner. Guy must have mail ordered his morals and marketing savvy from Acme.
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        Doesn't look like he's selling any ammo, but he darn sure is storing a lot of it! I agree with EKC, I hope he eats every friggin round.


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          I wish him bad luck too, however he may be able to qualify and make out pretty good, from Obama's New "Ammo Bank program".

          Which is sorta like the "Land Bank program", only it's banking ammo, instead of land, it hasn't been enacted into legislation, YET.

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            Wow that is nutty! Must be really upset to see how much is sitting on shelves all over the country now!


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