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"MATCH" 168 gr. JHP BT made by SAMSON.........What you know????

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  • AGL4now
    Thank You......

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  • sweepint
    No prices but it took me about 30 sec to find this there is plenty of information if you goggle it.

    longhunter [Member]
    3/2/2008 7:42:17 PM
    Samson is the European brand name for Israeli Military Industries,mainly sold on the European market but sometimes showing up in the US market.

    IMI ...US market

    Can't say with 100% certainty but I think Amerc loads their ammo in Florida using IMI components
    7DC [Member]
    3/3/2008 12:50:29 AM

    Don't worry, that's top-quality Israeli-manufactured ammo. I bought the same stuff from Widener's a couple years back, but only after doing research to make sure I wasn't getting A-Merc crap. IMI and A-Merc have (or had) a marketing agreement under which the .308 150gr FMJ was manufactured in Israel and distributed in A-Merc branded boxes. I confirmed this a couple different places, including a government filing where A-Merc discussed their manufacture of smaller calibers, then said:


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    Samson Ammunition??

    I was just given 200 rounds of Samson .308. 120 rounds of 150gr FMJ and 80 rounds of 168 gr. Is this stuff any good? I did a search and found that it is made or imported by IMI. Thanks.
    June 08, 2004, 13:06 #2

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    I've shot plenty of the 168gr, headstamped; IMI 308 WIN, blue & white box, blue color primer sealer. Still have about 3/4 of a case left, started with 4 cases about 12 years ago. Very good ammo, on par with any of the other match ammo. Fed, Frontier, Win, Black hills, etc. I have a bunch of 308's with different preferences, but my M21 actually prefers the Samson brand best, .5"- 5 shot groups @ 100yds In short, YES, good ammo.
    Cheers, YOOO VINNY

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  • GD Yankee
    Assuming .308, isn't that Israeli stuff? Made by IMI? Probably pretty good stuff.

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  • "MATCH" 168 gr. JHP BT made by SAMSON.........What you know????

    What do you know about this Ammo........??? Any idea what it is worth.........??? I just found 5 boxes, they are in a sealed plastic bag.

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