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300 Wsm Reloading

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  • 300 Wsm Reloading

    Hi was starting to reload some ammo for my 300 wsm. Im using barnes triple x 180 grain. Any special recipies some of you guys have used.

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    300 WSM Loads

    I have a lot of good loads for the 300 WSM but none with Barnes bullets. I would think with all those who brag on the TSX's that they would surely have a load or two for them in the popular WSM.

    My best powder for this one was H4350 and RL-19 with the 180 grain bullets. The manual seem to support the caliber well.

    Good shootin'.

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      Like Murphy, my 300 WSM loads are not using Barnes bullets. I have also had very good luck with RL-19. You might try as I'll bet you can find the loads there.


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        TSX Data

        Yes, go and look at their data, you'll find plenty. In my 300WSM I drop down to a 168gr. TSX to get 180gr performance. I also use H4350 and WLRM primers. While other powders will work, H4350 is temperature insensitive and fits with my MN. and western US hunting.


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          300 Wsm

          I noticed in my Win 70 in 300 WSM that it really likes W760 @ 67.0 with WLRM primers in WW cases with the 180 grain bullets.

          The Sierra 165 Gameking HPBT and IMR 4831 @ 69.5 with Fed Nickle Brass and Fed 215GM primers is a excellent hunting load!


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