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Couple o' winters project...

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  • Couple o' winters project...

    Been spending the last couple winters fooling around with this one.
    .35 Whelen, Douglas blank, milled to octagon with integral rib, 1930 vintage Springfield Armory '03 action, Wenig stock, checkered 20 lines per inch, now finshed, padded and glass bedded. One of these days, I'll get round to getting the metal done, thinking of a bead blast, blue.
    Any similar winter projects?

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    Really nice to see that receiver sight. It's in keeping with your other design decisions. This is my kind of rifle!
    "Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
    Merle Haggard


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      Beautiful rifle and great job



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        Great Rifle

        That is an absolutely beautiful rifle one anyone could be very proud of.How does it shoot or have you shot it yet.Good shooting Ronnie


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          So far...

          The only shooting I've done with it was to 'proof' the barrel/receiver/bolt assembly, and that was in another stock. That one was a World War II 'scant' replacement stock that had the forearm cut off and was full floated. It had a 4X Weaver on it then, and shot very well with some loads I had kicking around with IMR 4064/250 gr. Noslers. Like right around an inch and a half.
          I need to take it out again with the new stock and bedding to see what it'll do, and some really good handloads.
          This one, I built for Me. Butt is just a bit shorter than most folks like, and they mention it, but I'm pretty stocky, especially through the chest, and I made it to come up without snagging with what I normally wear hunting in cold weather.
          In addition to the old Lyman 48 rear sight, I'm going to put a wide, shallow V rear sight in the rib on the back of the barrel, and regulate it for somewhere around 50-75 yards. A push of a button, and the slide of the Lyman comes out, and would leave me with a very fast setup for the black timber, or maybe just take the small aperture out and use the larger hole in the slide. I can decide later on that.


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            Re so far

            I bet it will shoot even better in it's new stock and it should be up to anything you want to hunt anywhere in North America.I have several lever guns that have peeps on them and I use them all with the big hole and only screw in the small aperture if I'm doing target work.My eyes are getting old now and I can't focus on a standard V and bead setup anymore and I think the peep with the big hole is just as fast at least for me anyway let me know how it shoots and again a very fine rifle.I know the synthetic and stainless guns are all the rage and I have a couple but I still love blue steel and pretty wood.I sometimes rattle on when I see a pretty gun sorry for that and good shooting Ronnie


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