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  • Just like to say...

    ...that it's quite nice and refreshing to be able to read and post to a forum that is occupied by intelligent gentlemen (and the occassional lady!). I know this doesn't have anything to do with the stuff this board is geared toward, but let's be thankful for the civility and our most distinguished moderator too! Thanks!


    you had me worried for a second there with that one post!

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    I fully agree.

    My occupation involves a lot of technical stuff...toll circuits, fiber optics etc. Everything I know about my job is information passed onto me from someone else who was already wiser on the subject than I. The old saying goes that there is no substitute for experience. When I was young pup just learning the ropes at this job I once encountered a problem that left me baffled. An older gentleman from a few miles away heard of my dismay and came to the rescue. In a half a day he showed me how to remedy something that I had been fighting for weeks. Back at the office after fixing the problem another young coe worker with a chip on his shoulder made this comment in front of the whole work group "So you couldn't fix it yourself so you had to have a cagey old veteran come bail you out". Before I could say anything the old gentleman (who seldom said anything) made a comment that has stuck with me through 29 years on this job. He looked right at my smart @ss coe worker and said "Us cagey old veterans are cagey old veterans because when we were young and dumb we were smart enough to listen to the cagey old veterans".

    This forum is much the same. The knowlege and experience of some of the folk that post on this forum exceeds anything that I have read in the thousands of gun magazines that have passed through my hands. I have learned so much in the month or so that I have been visiting this forum.

    I am thankful for all of you cagey veterans that are willing to share a wealth of knoweldge concerning all that pertains to "shooting".

    Murphy's the man!


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      Gentle what?

      Good Lord, man, what have you done to us? Behave ourselves? This is Alaska, right? Sheesh! Darned if I'll scrape the stubble off my face on a daily basis. I'm happy we have a decent share of Crank Old *******s to keep things real! Not me, of course....


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