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  • bluing

    Well, after this last PWS bear hunt my old Rem 721 is showing where there is no protection. I guess it is time to re-finish things. I'm new to the whole bluing process so any tips/hints would be appreciated. I've also heard there are other finishes out there that might be better than a standard blue. What is the best bet for a good durable finish for my brush busting gun?

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    Hot blue

    There is no substitute for hot bluing. I used to have the whole set up polishing wheels, a bead blaster and bluing tanks. The key to any bluing job is to have the metal free of chemicals before dunking in the tanks if hot bluing or applying cold blue. The best stuff I ever found for cleaning was tryethylchloride 111. I know this stuff is very caustic and enviromentally unfriendly and they were trying to do away with it back 20 years ago. Most brake cleaners also work well.

    If I were touching up a an old beater I would use Birchwood Casey's liquid cold blue.

    Guns that have been treated with silicon probucts are almost impossible to cold blue.

    Brownells inc. in Montezuma carries all of the latest and greatest things in regards to bluing, cold or hot!


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      Send me an address and I'll get some Blue Wonder bluing sent off to you. Stuff works wonders and is easy to apply.


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