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    Location: vicinity of 41 Mile Elliott Hwy
    Case number: 05-51030
    Type: Found Weapon (hunting Rifle)
    Text: AST is asking the public's assistance in locating the owner of a
    lost Winchester hunting rifle, that was found near Mile 41 of the
    Elliott Hwy. The owner is asked to call Trp Tellep / at 451-5100, fully
    describe the weapon and hopefully be able to recover his property
    Author: Trp Tellep GJT9
    Received and posted Thursday, June 08, 2006 10:12 AM

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    How in sam hill can one just up and loose his rifle????

    Don't suppose that rifle done something bad and had a little help getting lost?

    Sounds to me like some good ole boys from Missouri were up there huntin in their normal fashion and put a hole in something that wasn't suppose to have a hole in it and then saw car lights and out the winder went the rifle! Was there a moonshine jug next to it? Was there a rubber on the end of the barrel? Missourians use rubbers for two keep water out of their gun barrels and so they don't get their sisters pregnant! BillyBob it was you wudn't it!

    Sorry Murphy...if my humor gets out of line tell me!


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      Dang it!

      I'm on one thread dissing on the Missourians and Murphy's on on thread talking about being from Missouri. Open mouth insert foot!

      Sorry Murphy. I have cousins in Mo and every rifle that they have ever owned has been zeroed in on stop signs.


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        "Missourians use rubbers for two keep water out of their gun barrels and so they don't get their sisters pregnant!"

        After all, if she's not good enough for their family, then how will she be good enough for her cousin's family when she marries ?

        Just couldn't resist the Ozark Mountian Humor. Cats, the other, other white meat
        God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great


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          Whenever I am out riding I like to take a quick stroll through empty campsites. You never know when someone has forgot their rifle leaning up against a tree.


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            Sounds like something you'd never due, but when one is fatigued the mind can get a bit cloudy.

            Last fall we hunted Montague Island, and our friends were the group that stayed in the cabin we were in the week before us. Their return was slightly delayed, and threre was a hustle and bustle of our gear going in the cabin and there gear leaving.

            At the end of our week when we were getting packed up, we were suprised to find an extra soft case with a 340 Wetherby in it. One of our buddies had left it. So, it can happen, and he did get it back.
            Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska.

            If you have a tenuous grasp of reality, Alaska is not for you.


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              Originally posted by Water_Gremlin
              Whenever I am out riding I like to take a quick stroll through empty campsites. You never know when someone has forgot their rifle leaning up against a tree.
              When people are tired they forget lots of stuff at the campsite. I have found propane lanterns, knives, and other stuff at previous year's moose kill sites.


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                I left a firearm out in Mekoryuk in 1995. Left it standing behind a door at the place I was staying. Never noticed it missing until we were loading up on the flight back to Bethel. Had the person I was staying with go and retrieve it and mail it to me.


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                  I used to have a bumper sticker that said." I like cats.......they taste like chicken".

                  When I was a kid, a buddy and I shot, butchered and sold cottontails to an old guy down the street. We took the money and bought another box or two of winchester western 22 shorts. The plan was to kill a couple of rabbits before running out of shells so you had money to buy more shells. However one day we ran out of shells and had no rabbits to sell. Two days later I went over to my buddies house and he asked if I wanted to go shooting claiming that he gotten some shells. I asked how did you pull that off we didn't have any rabbits to sell? The look on his face told it all, followed by.......cats skin hard but once ya get the skin off and cut the tail off real short they look kinda like a rabbit. The old guy bought rabbits for a couple more years before we graduated to bigger quary. So maybe they don't taste like chicken but to one old guy it tasted like rabbit! True story!


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                    You might want to call your police department and see if the weapon has been reported as stolen. The last thing you want to happen is to be caught with a stolen firearm. If someone lost a firearm, they can report it as stolen and file with their insurance company for replacment. If you know someone in law enforcement, he can run the serial number and check if it has been reported as stolen.

                    I just don't want to see someone doing a good deed wind up being arrested.


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                      this is from the Alaska DPS website, the State Troopers have the weapon & are looking for the owners...


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                        Sorry, I did not read your post carefully enough. I would have realized where the information came from if I would have paid more attention. Thanks for clearing that up.


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                          That's funny! I did a similar thing back in Ohio when I was a kid, about 13 or 14 This old Lady that was a bit on the looney side used to stop by the gun range all the time and begged people for rabbit. My friends and I were out shooting our Muzzleloaders and she would come up from behind and tap us on the shoulder while we were firing!!! and DEMAND that we go out and hunt rabbits for her. We knew who she was and where she lived, but other than that, my friends and I didn't know her that well. Finally, one day she insisted we stop WAISTING time and just go hunting for her, so we decided that day shooting the .50 cal Hawken would be much better practice to hunt. In that day, the 3 of us bagged 1 rabbit and 3 cats -take the heads, tails, feet and skin off and they do look the same. The next weekend at the range, she told us it was the best rabbit she had ever had!!! Thanks for your story, I've almost forgot all about that venture!!!
                          God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great


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