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  • 375 H&H Stainless help!

    After my last excursion to the rainsoaked nether regions of the Alaskan interior I have come to the conclusion that my old parkerized '06 is not going to cut it any more!! Rust is becoming an issue even with daily oiling in the field.

    Does anyone have opinions on the stainless/composite 375s available?
    I have looked at the Brownings, but have not been able to put my hands on one of the Remington XCRs. I have also heard rumors of a SS weatherby

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    I've heard many accounts of the browings rusting up and being inoperable, and others with the trigger guards breaking, so I would stear clear of them. Unfortunately with the current demise of the Win M70, there aren't as many choices of a ss/syn 375. If you're willing to drop down to a 338 you have quite a few more options. Coastal browns are the only critter I'd take a 375 over a 338, and I'd then I'd be considering a 416.
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      I was specifically after a 375 because it has been taking large dangerous animals since 1912 and most people agree that the 375 recoil is more of a "hard shove" and the 338 is a "fast punch".

      I had brownies and a future cape buff in mind.

      BTW a box of 20 - .416 rigby rounds goes for $130-$200.


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        375 H&h

        Go to gunsamerica.com. Type in 375 H&H and click on guns. Someone was selling a brand new 700xcr in 375 for $750.

        auctionarms.com had someone selling a Bowning stainless stalker with boss in 375.

        Just places to look!


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          I know Boondocks in Eagle River had the Remington 700 XCR's for $799, best price in the Anchorage bowl that I could find.


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            If money per se is not the key crierion, I'd set up a new Sako 75 SS jusy like my older A-V:

            1.Trim the barrel to 21.5"
            2.Install a brake (mine has a KDF)
            3.Put a 1.75X6 Leupold up top in Leupold Torx ring mounts with loctite

            Go hunting.


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              Save your ears and those of your shooting buddies and stay away from a muzzle brake. Their are plenty of great new recoil pads available today and if necessary install a mercury recoil reducer.

              If money is not that big an issue look at having Montana Rifle company make you up a barreled action in 375 ss and stocking it how you would like. They built me a ss 280rem and McMillan stocked it a few years ago and I love it. I am hoping to have them build me another in 375 H&H sometime in the near future.



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                sako makes a ss 375hh. I had my blued sako 375hh teflon coated. It will last 40,000 hours in salt water. It comes in green and black.


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