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  • So inappropriate

    Just started sipping my morning cuppa joe and spot this very recent ad in the shooting forum for a Chinese clothing manufacturer seeking(?) to expand his revenue base. What, couldn't he get a contract with Wally World. This is just too much....Wrong forum anyway. Lordy, Lordy....

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    Yeah, sad

    I know what you mean MB. I saw it there last night (I work 3rd) and was surprised it was still there this morning! Maybe I'm thinking about another forum, but I thought a person couldn't advertise in a thread here? Oh well, I can't imagine anyone here wanting any crap from Mr. Lee.



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      When I saw the ad yesterday it said "banned" under the member name. Maybe they just haven't removed the message yet.

      The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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        I'm not sure how many people are aware of how moderating the forums works, but for the most part it's done on a volunteer basis. The owner of the site, David, has asked a few of us to moderate certain forums. Two of us moderate the hunting forum, and there's another for the fishing, flying, shooting, etc. As it's done by volunteers, often it takes some time before all messages are read. We work like the rest of you, so a little grace is needed from time to time. I saw the message that you all are referring to over on the hunting forum, and I promptly deleted it. As you mentioned already, it was an advertisement, and one that didn't fit into the forum topics anyways. When you guys see such messages in the future, please don't hesitate to bring it to the attention of a moderator (Murphy, in the case of this shooting forum.) It takes a community effort to keep this site as great as it is!



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          Thanks Brian

          I, for one, appreciate these forums and know they is well taken care of. I was grousing at the guy who put the ad in, not at y'all. Maybe I should have my coffee first, before checking in. I did read about the destruction of Al Zarqawi in the news today, so that helped my mood. Another nasty eliminated. Boo-Rah!!


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            No worries, mauser. I wasn't looking for a thank you, just pointing out that Murphy may need an hour or two to look things over from time to time.

            And yeah, the news put a smile on my face this morning too!



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