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  • indoor shooting

    About 15 years ago we had a indoor range where the Lithia dodge dealer is on the old seward highway.Its been gone for awhile now.Just wondering why we dont have one now.Its nice to be able to shoot indoors in the winter.With the amount of gun owners up here i would think it would be profitable.I used to love bringing the kids there to target shoot .22s, and some of my pistols.Its also a nice way to get together with other shooters,especially in the winter.Is there to high a cost for liability insurance OR other costs im not aware of?

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    Indoor Range Expense

    I am no range expert, but I have been told the big expense for indoor ranges these days has to do with ventilation and EPA standards. Seems like that would be especially true here since you end up sending a lot of warm air outside.

    I think they also regulate the emmissions of indoor ranges. That isn't very logical since you can shoot all you want outside next to the vent, but that's the government for ya.

    These things can obviously be overcome since people still build indoor ranges even in very cold climates.


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      no expert either

      But you are right... EPA standards for airborne lead particulates. It's gotta be safe inside for the shooter as well as outside for the general public. At an indoor range I've visited they have strict rules for full metal jacket only and absolutely no walking down range with out a tyvek suit and booties... (during cease fire of course... duh)

      The police dept as well as the fed's in Anchorage have an indoor range... Of course it's for employees only... I would imagine the air filteration system is impressive and expensive...

      Then yes there is the liability issues... But hey if you've gotta a couple of million laying around and want to invest...


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