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  • Winter shooting

    Can anyone give me an idea of any cold weather issues? What actions act up or what type is best, cleaning and lube issues if any? What if any concerns/issues have you had at extreme cold temps?

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    No response could mean that there are no issues with fire arms operation in colder temps, however I can't be sure. It rarely gets to -20F where I shoot. Would anyone be willing to recommend a good gun shop in your area that I could call for info?


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      cold weather shooting

      This is the weekend and alot of these guys are out hunting so you will probably get more response to your question later in the week.I can tell you from experience the Alaska cold and wet can throw a monkey wrench in your drawworks if you don't prepare correctly.I think most everyone will agree a bolt action rifle is the way to go in the extreme cold and even that can freeze up if it's not prepared properly.Everything should be degreased and go back with a dry lube or no lube at all the guns will work just fine without any lube for a winter hunt pay particular attention to your trigger group and bolt assembly be sure it's completely lube free.Some triggers are more prone to freeze up than others especially if it's raining Remingtons for example have a closed trigger assembly so if water gets in it can freeze up Winchester type triggers are pretty full proof no place for water to get trapped.I'm sure others will have some more tips later for you hope this is of some help to you. Good shooting Ronnie.


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        strip it down

        Strip it down of all the oil then it won't freeze up. However when you do this be sure to not bring the gun in and out of the cold often, it is best to keep it cold so condensation does not build up and rust it.

        I think the severe cold also affects the how hot a round burns, I have with a 22 LR for example that the killing distance on fox is reduced in subzero temps. Murphy? What do you think about this? Is it true that a round does not have as much killing power due to colder burning powder in severe temps?


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          Anyone have experience with Friction Defense Gun Oil from Brownells? It says good from -75 F to 425 F .


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            I've hunted in the very high Canadian Arctic, average -35F. Used a Rem 700 in 300 Ultra. This is what worked for me.

            Completely dissassembled the bolt and washed in white gas to de-grease. Sprayed electrical contact cleaner into the trigger assembly. Do not lube anything. Reloaded with Retumbo known for its tolerance to weather extremes.

            During the winter I set my freezer on the coldest setting, chambered a round, put the gun and all bullets in the freezer overnight. Next day, took it out on my porch (also my shooting range), fired and chronied a shot at 100 yds. Gun back in the freezer,this time no round chambered but rounds in the magazine. Several hours later, removed muzzle brake, chambered a round and repeated firing. I alternated with the muzzle brake on and off because I also wanted to test its effect on velocity and accuracy. One target for the brake and another for without the brake. Back in the freezer each time for at least a few hours repeating this sequence several times, checking point of impact and group size. Everything worked fine.

            My results with Barnes 168 XLCs were 3454 average fps previously when it was 55 degs, 3500 fps seconds after taking out of freezer (-10) and air temp at +10. Actually higher velocity when colder. With muzzle brake groups were .80" and w/o were 1.8". This gun shoots much better with a brake. Center point of impact difference with brake vs. w/o brake is negligible at less than .5" left to right. There was no consistent velocity differences with and w/o brake.

            In the arctic I had no issues. Took an exceptional bull muskox and another hunter used my gun to take a large bull after his wouldn't fire.

            Hope the above makes sense, there are a lot of details.

            Here's a few pics of the arctic hunt:

            Never bring the gun in the warm for a short period as condensation will form in the bolt/trigger and re-freeze when you take it outside again. I never brought the gun inside the tent.


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