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    Greetings fellow shooters,
    I just purchased a new Ruger MkIII Hunter, and I'm seriously thinking of a red dot or holographic sight for it. This is a new step for me as I've always been an open sight or scope man...but my eyes are getting older. What are your experiences with red dot or holographic sights on pistols...especially how well do they work or not work in AK during the winter (I'll be packing it snow-machining for ptarmies)...?? Any recommendations of brands or models would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Bushnell Red Dot

    I have a Ruger Hunter MKIII equiped with Bushnells trophy red dot sight. I got it through Midway. It is reliable and allows me to consistanly make head shots on cotton tails and stationary squirrels. The dot brightness is varriable to adjust to conditions. It is a great addition to to an already great pistol. (I really apriciate that Ruger now drills, taps and provides a quality mount for all of thier bull barreled MKIII pistols.)
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      I have a couple of Millett red-dot sights on .22LR handguns. One Browning Buckmark, one Ruger MkII. Love them both. I don't think you can go wrong, but finding a holster that will work may be a challenge, I don't know. I can't compare to the Bushnell. The price is certainly good on the Milletts, and they are very light.


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        Red dots

        I have a Millet Red dot that was on my Ruger Super Blackhawk for many years. It did very well on this gun and I used it to hunt black bears over bait. I have since moved it to my Ruger MkII forbirds and rabbits while big game hunting. I has been a challenge to find a holster for but that does not stop me from putting it in my day pack. I also have a Reflex II sight on my Marlin 1895, that I ahve taken two bison and one moose with. That sight works well and is quick to point. As stated earlier ' as we get older our sight is not as good' and these types of sights make things easier.
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          THanks guys for the encouragement and ideas. I'm going to do it.


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