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Savage Alaskan Guide .375 ...again

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  • Savage Alaskan Guide .375 ...again

    I bought a Savage Alaskan Guide .375 today at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Fairbanks. I installed a slip-on Limbsaver pad before shooting it. I'm pretty happy with the gun so far. I've got plenty of pretty safe queens that never get to go hunting, so I wanted a beater that I wouldn't fret about every little scratch. The Savage isn't for everyone, but it filled a niche in my collection. I'm thinking of installing a Leupold VXII, either 1x4 or 2x7. Any suggestions as to the rings and mounts I need? Thanks.
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    And there it is...

    ...the infamous Savage Alaska Guide!

    In the other thread by a similar name, I think someone asked for a picture of one and I got to thinking that I should have gotten a pic at the NRA convention a few weeks ago! Wasn't thinking.

    I also missed a good photo op of me holding a gorgeous Merkel .500 NE double! Arrrgghhhh!

    I did manage to get one of my buddy getting Nugent's autograph. Whoopy.



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      Ted Nugent

      Boy this guy beats to his own drum! All that spirit filled ooga boogla stuff is a little much for me. However when it comes to political perspective and telling it like it is in regards to the radical liberal anti-gun/anti-hunting, limp wristed lefties he's to be admired!


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        Savage makes a great rifle. How much did it putyaout? I was thinking of getting one in a .338.

        Just went tot he Savage site, can't find the Alaskan..what's the model #? I see the 116FHSAK but it's listed up to a .338.


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          Savage .375

          I paid $590 for mine. I saw one in an Anchorage store yesterday for $600.

          I can't find the gun on Savage's website either. I THINK it may only be available in Alaska, but I'm not sure about that. It is a model 116.


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            Savage Alaskan Guide Gun

            The Savage .375 H&H Guide Gun was put together for the local distributor, V.F. Grace here in Anchorage as a special run. I forget the exact numbers, either 310 or 510 pieces were made. When they're gone, they're gone. I saw one at Great Northern Guns on Tudor for $599.00. I still don't like the blind magazine, but I guess for a working gun it would be okay. Savages in general are pretty accurate rifles. The knurled barrel nut never bothered me. 'Course, there was a used .375 Pre-64 Mdl 70 there too, so no comparison there.


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              Since I'm not a collector I'd take that Savage over the pre-64 anyday. They are great accurate rifles that are incredibly accurate and their customer service is not beat by any other company.

              Your may be right about the limited production of the rifles..I've seen a few in the past in some distributors catalogs at my old gun shop that were limimted production models. Good looking rifle and a decent price.


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                "Since I'm not a collector I'd take that Savage over the pre-64 anyday. They are great accurate rifles that are incredibly accurate and their customer service is not beat by any other company."

                So your basically saying that you think the Savages are better than the Winchesters and they are only good for collecting? Just curious.


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                  umm...why did I say accurate twice in one sentence sentence ???

                  Collect what u want...I don't see the fascination with pre'64 Winchesters really, other than their age. When Winchester went to the push feed then I guess they became real hot as collectibles but when they went back to CTF the only thing collectible about them after that was their age. 'Course now that Winchester went by the wayside they'll all be collectibles .

                  Personally I think it's just a matter of time till someone picks up the Winchester brand.

                  Don't get pissed off...this ain't a flame...


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                    I'm not a collector of anything, though I have definite preferences. But, there was a level of craftsmanship in the Pre-64 Mdl 70s, and a, urm, cohesiveness to the way the gun was constructed and went together that is missing from regular production guns these days. There are intangibles, even in the firearms arena, that make one feel better then another. I looked at a Kimber Montana the other day. A very nice gun, but, there were places in the action that didn't have a "final" finish to them. The cost for this gun in today's market is probably similar to 1959 dollars for a model 70, but the final finish was there, in spades. I always liked the the rear sight had its own integral raised ring of barrel metal for the dovetail. Just my 2 sense.


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                      Yeah there is a certain...pride I guess..that went into building the older guns that's for sure!

                      Sorry that we hijacked this thread...


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                        the old timers

                        Yep, the old timers are sweet. My Swiss K31 still tops anything on the rack at sportsman's warehouse. I think it was $149.
                        I am of the opinion that anything that was made before plastic took over is not subject to the whole concept of "disposable". I think it shows.


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                          Pre-64's vs Savage

                          Blaster, I guess this is directed at you, in regard to the pre-64 comments. No offense, if you like the stamped production of savage or any other manufacturer, with the plastic stock, go for it. But there are many of us, I mean us shooters and hunters, who do appreciate the hand made guns of the past.

                          Also if you can't see any difference between the pre-64's and the cheap stamped steel, I wanna be a rifle, so called CRF new model U.S. Repeating Arms, Winchester model 70's then you would not appreciate the older guns.

                          Just because a gun works or goes bang when you pull the trigger doesn't mean it is a quality firearm. MOST of the guns made today are nothing but JUNQUE! Yes, that's right I said it, the dreaded J word. That does not mean that they don't work, and it doesn't mean they can't be used for hunting or any other sporting purpose. They are not heirlooms, they are simply tools, that when broken, and break they will, they are disposed of. (tossed)

                          What do you know about the Savage rifles? Have you taken one out ot the stock? I know they work but I also know they are failure prone. Have you examined the safety and trigger system? Now I'm sure you know some one who has used one for x number of years and it always killed a moose. Not the point. Do you enjoy the 12 pound trigger? There is nothing in the rifle that could be called quality. There is nothing in the new model 70's that could be called quality. I could go on and on this is a long list.

                          If you want these rifles, and obviously most do, so be it, but when you grow tired of hauling junk to the field, you too will appreciate the quality, hand built rifles. Good shootin'.

                          Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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                            Well said Murphy!


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                              Here, Here, Murphy!

                              Sorry to jump start an old thread, I got linked here.

                              The whole off the shelf rifle industry today makes me want to puke. I am visiting relatives in northern NH and was checking out some higher end rifles at a local shop (they have anything from NEF's to custom Weatherby's). I picked up no less than 6 Kimber's (84's and 8400's), al wood stocked, they all had very nice wood but there wasn't one rifle that one or the other side of the barrel channel didn't touch all the way down the channel! And this from what the catalog calls "free floated"! The overall inletting was sh*t. I checked out several $499 Ruger M77's and a few CZ'z (I own several Ruger's and one CZ) and the fit and finish was far superior. The followers were one point of nicer detail as well. It has been a long time since I held several high end rifles and then went on to hold bunches of "blue collar" rifles like I can afford. What a suprise. I have more guns than I deserve and two overflowing gun safes, but I am really put off at the new offerings from the higher end rifle manufacturers. I have a few pairs of cool older leverguns (Marlin and Winchester) mostly 71's and 1895's, but don't have any old M70's. I would love to but haven't been willing to pay the asking price of the calibers I like in that series (.338 and .375). I would love to be able to get a walnut stocked, blued, iron sighted, M70 type production rifle (not a one-at-a-time, $1000 barrelled action) that was inletted properly, had good bluing, and a decent (or at least adjustable) trigger. are they out there? I had an M70 Safari Express that I bought new last Dec. that I promptly returned to Davidsons when I found that the receiver was drilled and tapped wrong (or the barrel was installed incorrectly). I still have my 4 digit serial numbered CZ .375 and an M77 that I just bought new that I had to have factory Ruger sights installed on (no more RS option guns....ARRGH! I have had several but over the years sold or traded them...) and am very happy with those but where are the other options? Back in Winchester's heyday you could get a "put meat on the table" simple rifle or a full engraved, AAAA walnut with extra crazy checkering stock, rifle in either a levergun or an M70. Who does this now?

                              I know I sound like an old fart but I am a 36 year old forester/boat captain/logger/amatuer gunsmith (depends on the season). I know that I can't be the only one. The recent couple of years that the rifle manufacturers have given us have started to wear on me.....

                              Anyone else?



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