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Golf Ball on a Tee at 250m

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  • Golf Ball on a Tee at 250m

    At the 250 yard marker on the range:

    ]1. place 10 golf balls on tees and space them about 6 inches apart.]a. This range trial is of course going to require a scope.

    2. Hit 8 out of 10 balls off the tee.
    [/indent][/indent]a. If successful,you qualify to be considered for sniper school.b. This is a real test of ability, equipment, ballistics, trajectory, bullet placement and all those other "terms" all wrapped up into one simple task.
    I used a .308 for the task because that is what the Army issued me at the time.
    Given my personal choice now, I grab my .300 Win Mag.

    The Point is, use what you have and what you have trained with.

    The only thing that matters here is removing the ball from the tee.
    It Does not matter if the ball zings off the range or simply falls off the tee.
    If the ball is removed from the tee, it's a score.
    God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great

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    If you're really good, you'll aim for the T.
    Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska.

    If you have a tenuous grasp of reality, Alaska is not for you.


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      "If you're really good, you'll aim for the T."

      Or a foot in front of the tee and watch the dirt take it out.


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        If you're devious like me, you shoot the ground in front of them and take them all in one shot with the splash.

        Nice frame of reference on accuracy standards whateveri8. I've got several varmint rifles up to the task, but when it comes to marksmanship from field positions, I know I'm not.
        "Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
        Merle Haggard


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          Courtesy from the gallery

          Doesn't all that shooting make the other golfers mad?


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            only when you outdrive them or play thru without asking...
            God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great


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              I'm afraid the Army would have stuck my sorry Keester in the kitchen peeling spuds!

              I could probably hit some of them some of the time in a dead calm. However any cross wind at all and I'd be toast!

              My father-in-law has a five gallon bucket of golf balls in his garage.....I'm gonna give it a try.


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                Originally posted by elmerkeithclone
                My father-in-law has a five gallon bucket of golf balls in his garage.....I'm gonna give it a try.

                I'm pretty sure I could hit a 5-gallon bucket at 250 yards...

                That's a REALLY big garage, though.


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                  I am going to have to try that, I have a few buddies that might be interested in throwing a dollar bill or two on the table for the pot. I have a feeling it would be called a draw when pink slips entered in because savings accts were on the table.



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                    I prefer Gnats eyes at 500 meters.


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                      how many shot do I get?

                      How many shots does one get?????


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                        golf balls at 250

                        We have a little game we play down here around easter and just before hunting season you all might be interested in.We shoot eggs at 500 meters that way don't have to hunt golf balls mother nature will clean up your mess.We hang the raw egg from a wire with a piece of duct tape which makes for some real fun if the wind blows very much if you get a hit it's no problem to see and the local wildlife very much appreciates you after the guns quit try it it's a real hoot.So far the best gun is a heavy barreled 264 win. mag on a rem 700 action with 140 and 160 grain match bullets this guy usually kicks everybodies butt.Good shooting Ronnie


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