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  • Scope base screw

    This is kind of embarrassing but i was taking my scope off my 300 win mag and managed to get all of the base mount screws off but one and it is now broke. I thought about drilling it out and using an easy out to remove it but I don't want to mess up the threads. That scope, rings,and bases have been on that gun for about 15 years now so they were all hard to get off. Is there someone in Eagle River or Anchorage that can remove that screw for me?

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    Wild West guns with their new place over on the frontage road on the New Seward. They can do it for a price.


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      If the gunsmiths prices seem high, you can drill out the old screw and retap with an oversized 6-48. It is just a little larger than the 6-48 and uses the 6-48 hole as the hole size to tap. I have used the tap and screws and they work very well. They are also easy to use.

      This is just a suggestion because you talked about drilling out the screw, I'm not trying to deny a 'smith any business.


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        I got a 300 at WWG's right now for a broken tap in one of the rear base holes. Screws arent that bad to get out. I probably coulda got the tap out but I do broken bolts and taps at work. I dont want to do it at home.

        Just a suggestion if you do it yourself. Get yourself some mousemilk (found at aviation stores) and left handed drill bits. Mouse milk is the best stuff I have ever used for rusty, and stubborn hardware.


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          Thanks for the info guys, it's much appreciated!


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