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  • How many guns is to many?

    When I was 12 I got my first rifle (other than air rifles....I wore out a whole pile of them). It was a 514 Remington 22. By the time I was 25 I was married had 3 kids and 25 guns. Many of these guns were less than quality stuff. None the less they were guns that were being bought with money that was not "my" money but "our" money and it was an issue. So the compromise was that I agreed to by one gun/year while the kids were home. Momma would have been far ahead to have set a dollar limit rather than a 1 gun limit. For the next 14 years I bought only one gun/year but they were good ones. I got rid of some of the junk stuff as well. I was now 39 years old had 30 guns of either high quality or that had sentimental value ( a few junkers still in the back of the closet that don't count). I now had 4 kids and the oldest was heading off to college. The 1 gun/year deal was put on hold. However every year and usually several times a year I reminded momma how far she was behind on the 1 gun/year deal. Momma didn't know it but I was sandbagging a little money away all of the time. For 10 years I put 50 dollars a paycheck ( every 2 weeks) into a gun fund. Well last year child number 4 left the nest headed off to college with a very nice scholarship that took the heat off me. So I informed momma that the 1 gun/year deal was back on and that she had some catching up to do. My little gun fund had over $14,000 in it. I have enough shotguns and am not much into buying them anymore. I also have enough small bore (223-30 cal) quality stuff to last a lifetime. So now I have $14,000 to spend on big bores to become keepers. So far I have purchased a Ruger 77 All Weather in 350 mag. A Ruger 77 All Weather in 300 winny ( momma don't know it but I got this one when I wasn't buying guns) that is to become a 458 shortly, I picked up an all weather 270 that I was originally going to turn into a 338-06. However I took the 270 to the range and it shot sub MOA with factory fodder. You just can't throw a barrel like that away. I bought a Kimber in a 325 WSM that didn't live up to my hopes. The gun met every expectation but the cartridge didn't. I got my money back out of it and then some. I bought a Lott and the jury is still out on it. Now this recent flurry of gun activity has raised a question or two in my household. My darling little wife whom I love to death looked me right in the eye and asked "How many guns is to many and at what point will you become content with the guns you have?" I just stood there with a blank look on my face! What the heck kind of question is that. I simply didn't have an answer to it. So my reply was...I don't know how many is to many. I was able to answer the second part of her question about being content with the guns that I have. My answer was that I am content with all of the guns that I have its the ones that I don't have that I ain't content with and as soon as I get them then I'll be content with them as well or ifen I ain't then I'll get rid of em and get some other ones that I am content with! Now she's the one with the blank look on her face. As for the how many is to many...well I told her I would ask around and find out. So guys HOW MANY GUNS IS TO MANY? I can hardly wait to let her read your replies!

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    Good Investment

    Just tell her that you can never be to rich or have to many Guns. There is always a new or diffrent gun to buy and once you have one of each start working on two of each.

    The advice I would give you is to never buy retail and seldom buy new. There is always some one out their that didn't manage their money well and needs to sell now which means cheap if I'm going to give them some of my money.

    Be sure and tell her that if you make good choices about which guns you buy and how much you pay for them that she will make a good profit on them when you die. Not like other hobbies that your money is gone as soon as you spend it.

    Good Luck
    DR B


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      Too many

      I am very fortunate in that my wife has never questioned my gun purchases unless it was a real money issue. I like you have made a purchase or 3 that she was not aware of, she enjoys shooting with me but not enough to really know one from the other.

      I was also in the 30's with my gun count a while back and I asked myself the same question. What I decided to do was get rid of a few that I had not used in quite a whille and use the proceeds to customize my current inventory, bbl's, stocks, triggers, and a custom built here and there. Rather than go in to the store now and look at the "new and improved" I look for the ugly ducklings and eye them for potential. I have found this a lot more fun than just looking at a big gun collection.

      DR B is absolutely correct in looking for the folks needing to sell a gun quickly, that is where you will find your BEST deals. Ideally you want to find those folks before they find the pawn shop. I have a buddy that is a taxidermist that calls me when he hears of someone in this situation and another friend at a pawn shop that calls me as well.



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        The question of how many guns is enough is more of a philsophical question than a definitive question. The answer is a moving target. How many guns are enough.... two more than you currently own. That covers your next purchase or two should you stumble across a hot pair of twins. And best of all, the target keeps moving. You just reset the counter and start over.



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          No such thing

          In reply to the nice lady's question there is just simply NO SUCH THING as too many guns or fishing related equiptment or camping equiptment.If the nice lady questions this just remember the old Boy Scout code in all things BE PREPARED a good motto to live by.In all seriousness as a rule a good quality gun is a very good investment better than a CD in the bank interest wise anyway that's my story and I'm sticking to it....Good shooting Ronnie


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            I have taken big game with 161 different firearm/cartridge combinations. These were firearms that I owned over the years. Admittedly some were single shot pistols that had more than one barrel. this does not include any rimfires I have, just centerfires. Right now my inventory is at 41 firearms. That does not include any of the previous 161 used before. I am a believer in the theory that after a firearm/cartridge has taken a head of big game, what can it do differently the next time. I concluded that it can do nothing differently so I part with it and go on too the next firearm/cartridge combination. The problem is getting to be what cartridge/caliber needs to be used to take big game with now.


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              Too many?

              Just inform your wonderful wife that it could be worse...far worse.....instead of guns you could be obsessed with airplanes. You haven't seen expensive until you get airborne!


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                Too Many?

                I don't know. I'm not even close. I still need a couple more and then I can start on some of my wants. I have heard it is a very bad sign if the wife seems to take a sudden interest in the individual firearms you are bringing in to the house and their value. At that point you might need to sock away a few bucks for a good divorce lawyer!


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                  Too many guns? Can't happen. Too many may be when you go hunting, you have so many choices that you can't decide what to take. . For a recent wedding anniversery, my wife decdied to buy me any rifle I wished as long as it was special. I agonized for 6 months and then bought a Zeiss spotting scope. Couldn't figure out what I wanted or was missing. Maybe a 8mm Rem Mag for a future anniversery.


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                    Well, for me any ways. 1 rifle for medium sized game, 1 rifle for really big game game, and a shotgun for dangerous people/bears. I'd love to have more guns but there really is no purpose for me as I am not a range or varmint shooter and only use the guns for hunting. Does a 280 kill a deer any deader than a 270?? I don't see how if the shot is placed where it's suppose to be.


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                      Divorce? Not hardly were in it for the long haul! I was just running plumb out of reasons why I needed to keep buying guns . I'm gonna print these off and take them home to her. Not so she can see that I'm not the only nut that keeps buying guns but so that she can see some wives don't have a problem with it!

                      Have you ever heard the story about the Prodical Women in the book of Proverbs in the Old Testament? She is suppose to be the one who sets the standard by which all other women are measured. Messages have been preached for years on how women need to follow her example. Well there is no doubt in my mind that if the Prodical Women had lived durying the firearms age then then the Bible would have been a few verses longer. There would have no doubt been some verses instructing her to lavish her husband with guns. She would have cleaned them for him too and yes the friggen deer head could have hung above the bed!


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                        ALL Firearms should be banned in the US because we all know that GUNS kill people. Therefore owning any gun is too many.
                        God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great


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                          Too many guns?

                          I buy a new used gun and just love to have it around all the time, propped in the corner so I can see it and just grab it, shoulder it and feel the lines. Just a great feeling, I fall in love with a new gun as often as possible.

                          Then of course fix it up.

                          Sickness, I think not but if so at least I am among good company.



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                            EXACTLY!!!!! There is always a gun sitting in the corner next to the entertainment center right by the picture window. So far I think the neighbors cat has been dry fired upon at least a hundred times. Hey he is on my property! I probably have the legal right to turn him inside out!


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                              New guns

                              A buddy of mine from Fairbanks told me last night that as often as possible he will lay his guns on the floor and just roll in them, hug them etc. Much like an animal rolling in his own stuff to carry the scent around.

                              I can relate



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