This is a great program if you haven't heard of it- They are a non-profit that sends instructors around the country training riflemen. Training focuses on the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship. These skills are intertwined with a message of American history, how skilled marksmen were an essential element in winning, and maintaining, our freedom. Attending an Appleseed reacquaints participants with the past and offers them the knowledge and rifle skills necessary to help ensure freedom for the future.

This is quality training and an outstanding value! For a two day course: $70 +range fee, minors under 21 are $5, women, $10. Military, peace officers, and their familes, FREE.
Free Tshirt for everyone and a "rifleman" patch for those who qualify.

The 28th-29th of July will be open to military only and the range fee is waived. 30-31Jul open to everyone. This is a great program for the whole family. Appropriate for novice through experienced shooters of all ages. At the Birchwood range in Chugiak.

For more information see: or email me, (my last name) at mta online net
If you're interested hurry and pre-register at their site. I expect the class to fill up pretty quick.
Hope to see you there!