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  • Mil/LEO/NRA Instr/HIT Inst Discounts

    A lot of other shooting forums have a similar thread so I thought I'd start one on here.
    A lot of manufacturers now offering discounts for LEO/Mil, NRA Instructors and HIT Instructors. I have most price lists in PDF, but don't know how to link to a pdf (help me there someone). However, here is a list, just contact company and they will send you price list:

    Brownells - Dealer/Gunsmith pricing
    Trijicon - 1 Scope and 1 Night-sight per year - price quote on item request (about 40% off)
    Ruger - Price List
    Henry - Price List
    Crimson Trace - Price List (close to 50% off)
    Kahr - Price list, but almost all of their handguns are $410 each!!
    SW - Price List
    Viridian (Green Lasers) - Apply on-line
    EOTECH - Price List (about 30% off)
    GALCO - 10 Products/year @ 30% off

    All the above apply to NRA and/or HIT instrctors and most also LEO/Mil. For instructors there are normally terms that the item must be used for instruction and must be retained by instructor for a minimum of 12 months.
    Any more, please post on here, if anyone can help me with posting PDF I can get all the pricing on here.

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    Sig offers a price list too. I got a great deal a few years back.

    Thanks for the good thread.


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