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Win 70 Coyote Lite - Bolt question.

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  • Win 70 Coyote Lite - Bolt question.

    I just purchased the Coyote Lite SS. While I was breaking in the gun, I noticed some things on the bolt. First, about an inch from the face is a section that is larger diameter than the rest of the bolt. Just beyond that are small grooves circling the bolt. there are also heavy wear marks where the bolt seats itself to the reciever. The bolt is extremely tight when closed and takes some effort to cycle in another round.

    Does anyone no what is going on?

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    Is this a brand new gun?

    There are several simple things that can cause the bolt to close hard. High primers, someone elses reloads that are formed to chamber a gun other than yours, an obstruction in the channel that the locking lugs cam into. None of these should be serious enough to make any serious marks on the lugs. I suppose that a real hard piece of foreign material in the lug channel could leave a hicky on the lug. Its possible that someone dropped the bolt and it landed on a lug putting a burr on the lug. That could cause it to close hard.

    Are there any signs that this gun has seen some serious pressure. Does the bolt face look burnt (blackened)? Does it look like there is any brass coloring adhered to the bolt face? If the bolt face is blackened and the extractor looks shiney new then its probably been replaced. If this gun was brand new and you were the first outside of the factory to shoot it ...then something could have happened with one of the first few rounds fired. Something that caused some serious pressure that shoved the bolt reward so hard that it deformed the locking lugs. Shooting reloads that were to hot or a barrel obstruction are about the only things that will cause this. Any pressure that is severe enough to screw up the lugs will have other tell tale signs as well. Sometimes the bolt sticks shut and many times the extractor is blown out of its slot. If this would have happened when you were shooting it then you would have had to notice. Also any round fired that would cause enough pressure to screw up the lugs would result in smoke and powder billowing out from around the bolt when the round was touched off and the primer would have been blown. My honest guess is that you aren't the first owner of this gun and whoever owned it previously had one of these situations occure and then got rid of it. I wonder about the marks on the bolt body. Could they be jimmy marks from someone trying to unstick a bolt or something. As far as I know the bolt body itself has always been the same diameter for its entire length. If the lugs have been shoved back several thousandths then the bolt could have swelled some. Again without actually seeing it its hard to know whats going on but this is the best diagnosis I can give from what the facts at hand!

    In any rate it needs to see a gunsmith before being fired again! If it were me I think I would be paying a visit to the feller what sold me that gun!


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      Another thought

      I can't believe that I didn't think of this from the git go. If the front most screw for your scope mount is situated over the locking lug channel and this screw is to long then it will protrude into the channel and will cause exactly what you are experiencing. I have seen this many times but usually on Remingtons! Loosen the front screw several turns and see if the bolt closes like it should. If so file or grind the screw off a little! This still doesn't explain the marks on the bolt but is worth checking!


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