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Hodgdon HS-7 powder comments?

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  • Hodgdon HS-7 powder comments?

    How does HS-7 rate as a pistol powder? Any particular cartridge recommendations? Seems like it has limited use and does not show up often in reloading manuals?

    Thank you

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    Never tried HS-7 so couldn't offer any good intel. I have used a bit of HS-6 in 45 Colt and 44 mag with good results, fairly clean burning. It has usually beat out Unique from my limited testing.


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      I used to use it a fair bit for moderate loads in handguns and in smaller rifle cases with cast bullets. It was hard for me to get for a lot of years, and I moved on to using 700x in the same applications. I'd use it today if I didn't have an unopened 8-pound keg of 700x and a little under half of another. Definitely worth checking out if you don't have alternatives already on the shelf.
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        I have a Hodgdon manual and even there it has limited use. There are a few cartridges with which it seems to work fairly well . Some are 38spl with heavy bullets, 38 super with heavy bullets, 38spl+p, 357mag, 40S&W, 10mm, 45acpand =p with heavy bullets, and standard 45Colt with medium to heavy bullets. It can be used for reduced loads in many handgun rounds such as32mag, 41mag, 44mag, and454. Are you looking for a load for a certain caliber or just trying to find a use for HS 7? I believe it was also sold as Win 570 but please check other sources before using it as such.


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