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Need help with RL 25 load data for 300 wby

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  • Need help with RL 25 load data for 300 wby

    I have spent two days looking for safe min and max load data for my 300 wby shooting 220 nosler partitions using RL 25. The nosler book only has 19 and 22. I'm moving on to my third type of powder with this gun and load. I've tried H4350, IMR 4350 and H4831sc with my best results being 1.5" at 100 yds. Looking to improve on this with the RL 25. Thanks in advance for your responses as I know there are many knowledgable handloaders on this site. Thanks Kodiak Rain for getting me hooked on this great hobby of handloading.

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    You've left out a few pieces of the puzzle. Your 1.5" group isn't bad under typical test conditions.

    Do you know your velocity with that load? Was it in line with your expectations?

    How far off the lands are you? I've had good results with partitions at .020 off in a lot of different rifles.

    RL-25 is a slow Magnum powder. Chances are it will work fine with a higher case fill than your previous selections.

    Keep in mind that a Partition is not a target bullet and tip damage/deformation on the soft lead nose is not uncommon. That will result in less accuracy.

    I would suggest trying different seating depths with your best load before trying different powders unless your velocity is off the pace you've set for your load.

    What brass are you using with your test? Each brand has a different wall and head thickness resulting in different capacities. Those variances will cause differences between your load and the books you are researching. Primers are diiferent too. Federal 215 and CCI 250 are fairly close. The Nosler book uses Fed 215's with your cartridge. Winchester primers have been reported to be hotter resulting in increased pressure.

    The 220gr bullet is on the heavy side for your caliber. What's is your twist rate? I'm guessing 1:10, a slower twist may not stabilize that long bullet. That would also be detrimental to accuracy.

    When we start out reloading and shooting we learn to get better with practice. Perhaps your package can do better than 1.5" groups. Are you taking your time and only squeezing when your dead on? Don't test in adverse weather conditions and don't rush your data collecting process. Let your rifle cool between recipes/strings. Hunting rifles are more affected by temperature than target style bull barrels.

    Is your rifle clean? Is your trigger pull adjusted to a nice clean consistent break? How's your crown? Does it have years of abuse and perhaps a nick? Shooting tight groups can be tough if any of the above variables interfere.

    In closing, a 1.5" group with a hunting rifle is pretty good if your other objectives are met. I have a hunting buddy that acquired his 300 Weatherby from his father, it is a fine rifle and shoots very well.


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      Marshall has given you an EXCELLENT and COMPREHENSIVE response. I can only add that I have had the best results with IMR 7828 or IMR 4350 usually with 180 or 200 gr. bullets in the WBY 300's that I have loaded for. I use a lot of RL 25 ,,,, but not for that caliber.
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        I use RL-25 in the 300 Wby with 200 and 220 grain bullets. Specifically the 220 grain partition. With 78.5 grains as max with the Fed 215 Primer and Weatherby (Norma) brass. I sent some to Africa last summer with some friends loaded at 78.0 grains and 2900 fps. I shot these into about 3/4" group with both rifles available to me. I find that a great combination for general duty plains game/Elk/Moose. That has been a very accurate combo for me over the years.

        The Sierra manual list 80.4 grains as max with their 220 bullets.
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          Marshall, as I am new to re-loading you bring up some very valid points that I hadn't thought about.

          I don't know the velocity of this round due to my range not having the distance in front of the bench for my chrono. Hill drops off to soon. At this point I'm really more concerned about accuracy over velocity.

          I did change my COL once after getting consistent 1.5" groups and did see a small improvement in some strings, although the average still being 1.5. My COL has been 3.560 as recommended in the manuals as Max. When I changed it I went to 3.545.

          I forgot to mention I'm using Norma Brass and Fed 215 primers. My gun does have a 1:10 twist.

          My gun shoots terrible the first shot after a cleaning so I normally throw a fouling round down the barrel before beging any test string. My trigger is around 1 3/4 pounds and very crisp with no creep. The barrel and crown seem to my untrained eye to be without defect. It should also be said that I am using a lead sled that I have often wondered if that could cause a problem????????. I do know when the gun fires I feel like I've done everything right to include breathing, squeezing and follow through. All very controlled with no jerking involved.

          I tend to be on the perfectionist side and usually want to see the best result possible with the equipment I'm using. Given my low experience level with re-loading, I'm probablly doing just fine. You're right 1.5" groups with a 220 grain bullet going nearly 3000fps isn't a bad thing and seeing how I don't expect to be shooting a Kodiak brown bear out past that anyway I should just leave well enough alone.

          Funny you mention your buddy getting his from his dad as I did too. Thank you for your time.


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            Murphy, it's nice to hear from someone actually using this combination. I have had a tough time finding data. Your data seems to be very safe for this application and gives me a great starting point.

            I too am using Fed 215's and Norma Brass. Gotta love the weatherby, 220 grain bullet traveling 2900 fps and thats probably a couple grains below the max safe working load. Thanks for your time and I'll post the results after my next trip to the range. I think it's suppose to be condusive on Tuesday. Been pretty crummy this weekend.

            Hey, what are you seating this combo to. I have been sticking with the max 3.560?????????

            SHPHTR, I have heard a lot of good things about IMR 7828 for the 300 wby. This will definately be my next selection when I start working up my next loads. After bear season I'll be looking into working up a load for 168 gr BTTSX from Barnes. I think I got that right "BTTSX".

            Thanks for your time as well and I look forward to sharing more info with you guys.


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              Murphy has given you some good information.

              Personally I would disregard the published length, that's their chamber not yours. I have a few tools that allow me to measure the distance from the lands. See if someone in your area can lend you a hand. I generally load the Partition to .020 off as long as it loads reliably from the magazine well. Once the best charge is found I back off 1gr and seat deeper in .015 increments. Example, .020, .035, .050, .065, once you shoot the loads one will stand out as best then you can creep back up on the powder charge that gives you the velocity you seek.

              I noticed your in Kodiak, your screen name gave away your occupation. My youngest Brother is a Alaska Marine Pilot, he's in Kodiak this month.


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                Marshall, I was under the impression working off the lands was a mute point with the weatherbys do to them being free bored. I know the tools you speak of, I just haven't purchased due to my previous belief. HMMMM????? The wheels are turning. Thanks for the insight I'll have to give it a try.

                Yeah I wasn't very original on my screen name. Your brother wouldn't have wanted to bring any ships into port the last two days. It's been kicking in the bay!!!!!


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                  Originally posted by ALPATFLTMECH View Post
                  Marshall, I was under the impression working off the lands was a mute point with the weatherbys do to them being free bored.
                  You may have a point but you won't know unless you check. The historic Weatherby throat slipped my mind.

                  A 300WM M77 that I worked up had so much jump that I worked backwards from max magazine length and seated towards a shorter COAL in until it smiled. It ended up being .467" off the lands and shot really nice.



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                    I just got back from the range and the results are in. .742 three shot group using 220 GR Nosler Partitions with 76 GR of H4831sc, Fed 215 primers, Norma brass with a COL of 3.545.

                    I moved it back .015 and she liked it. I think I'm going to leave well enough alone but it does make me think, what would happen if I took it back a little farther?????

                    Gotta love re-loading.

                    Hey thanks for all the advice guys and if lucky I'll be posting a pic of a nice Kodiak Brownie by mid next month. Taken with my new hand loads.


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                      Nice Results there, FLTMECH,

                      Looks like, "You're In, and In Deep" now, eh?

                      Good Shootin',........... Go Hard this spring, Looks like that rifle is "Tuned for Bear"

                      PM me if you need any powder from Anch, I'll be passing thru there in a week or so, headin' home
                      Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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                        Hey thanks KRain, wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for you.

                        I'm going to load up a few more to see if she'll except a little longer jump. I think you and I heard that early on if my memory serves me right.

                        I forgot to mention, without looking at my notes this grouping averaged just under 2800fps. A little under published but still PLENTY effective I would think.

                        Thanks for the powder offer, I'll take a look at inventory tomorrow.


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