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  • Collectible Ammo?

    Does anyone have a recommended source for collectible ammo information?

    I have some factory loaded 38 Special that is pretty old, interested if its value is in the collector's realm or as general loads.

    Manufacturers are: Win Western ("148g Mid-Range Clean Cutting")
    Win Western 158g "Lubaloy"
    Super Velocity Police (110g JHP)

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    The ammo you list is just shootin ammo, the boxes may very well be collectible.


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      Ok, so typically if there is any collectible value, its in the box NOT the ammo? No potential value in the old box with the original cartridges?

      Thanks for the info Wildalaska. Would you like to take a look at the boxes I've described if I stop by the store this week?



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        easier to post some pics, or even better, search on ebay or gunbroker to match up the boxes you have. Ammo collectibility is based on scarcity, literally millions of rounds you described were shot up by us old timers in our youfs and they may only date back to the sixties.

        If you were in the lower 48, a full box might bring a small premium, not up here

        Shoot those rounds they are fun. Me and Hans at the shop are on a 38 kick these days. wadcutters rock! dont want them, call me you can have the boxes, I'll give you a few bucks for the ammo if they are factory


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