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Hee, Hee, just like Christmas

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  • Hee, Hee, just like Christmas

    I love it. Made a deal with AKhunt for the 45 caliber bullets he was selling, to use in my 454 Casull Encore pistol. It's just like Christmas, going through the various hardcast gas checked bullets. There was one definitely older full box of Cast Performance 335 grain WLNGC bullets and an almost full box of the same only in the newer box. I always weigh a half dozen of any bullet I get, even new, because I find there is usually a discrepancy in the weights, often very slight. The older bullets from the sealed box averaged 347.5 grains while the newer ones averaged 328 grains. Good to know especially when working up max or near max loads. I also got a partial box of the Speer "plated" 300 gr. softpoint .452" slugs. The lead nose seems like pretty hard alloy. I almost never shoot jacketed bullets in pistols, been years, but I'm going to try some of these and see how they go. I am dying to try the 360 grain Oregon Trails True Shot 360 gr. hardcasts. If they shoot as good as they look, it'll be one ragged hole. The silver content will come in handy if I come across any of those pesky Kenai Peninsula werewolves too. Fun in the Great Northland!

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    Well Marry Christmas!
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      MB, I'm sure you've stated it before but since i don't remember for shucks...what gun is you 454?


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        Originally posted by elmerkeithclone View Post
        MB, I'm sure you've stated it before but since i don't remember for shucks...what gun is you 454?
        You might pick up a tip in his first line that says 454 Casull Encore Pistol EKC???
        When asked what state I live in I say "The State of Confusion", better known as IL....


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          Hey there, EKC - It's a TC Encore pistol with the 15" barrel. Found a nice old M8 2X Leupold to mount on it. That's always been my favorite pistol scope. Hope to do a spring black bear hunt with it, so need to get out to the range and get adjusted.


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