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    I might mention that I was one of the first users of E-Tips and RL17 (not always together) when they came out becasue I like trying out the new stuff. That being said, I've followed RL17 results a lot for the last few years and have come to the conclusion that it is a finicky powder. I've had quite a few folks in this forum and another ask me in PM's about my experiences with it and recommendations, and they quite often share with me their results as well. It gives a wide variety of results depending on primers, rifles, bullets, etc. For instance... one guy in another forum got about 3350 fps with 168 TTSX's in his 24" 300 WSM. I only got 3077 fps with the same 168 TTSX'x with 65.5 gr. Oddly enough, I got over 100 fps more velocity with the heavier and supposedly more prone to pressure E-Tips and used 2 more grains of powder. Very strange indeed. With 210 Bergers, I topped out at 65.5 gr @ 2935... on reloader's nest, I saw a max load of 61 gr and 2875. The velocity was somewhat close, but the charges were way different. Go figure.

    When it comes to RL17, I have seen very few like results, but in general, it gives better than average velocities and sometimes incredible velocities.

    Keep your eye on Hodgdon's Super Performance powder. It looks like another RL17 but more stable.
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