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    I am contemplating the purchase of a used .375 Gibbs and was wondering if anyone has any reloading experience with this cartridge? The rifle comes with dies and and some brass but I would end up wanting to form some new stuff and work up some loads, I don't think there is any reloading information included with the rifle so would need to work up my own loads from scratch.

    There was a book entitled Gibbs' Cartridges and Front Ignition Loading Techniques; does anyone have a copy of this with his reloading information? I am not sure if the .375 was even originated by Gibbs or if it was just designed along his recipe, like some of the "Ackley" cartridges.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I have the book and read it some time ago. I don't recall a "375 Gibbs" .... but that doesn't mean it was not mentioned or does not exist. If I can find my copy I will be glad to check to see if it is mentioned.
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      I have a truck load of once fired 7mm Gibbs brass.. Well it was once fired 06 brass majority of R-P. I fireformed it resized it, the R-P brass was better than Winchester brass, I was having serious case seperation with Winchester brass versus the Remington stuff I was avg 4-5 firings with the remington brass before the cases gave up. I ditched the whole 7mm Gibbs project. So if you know anyone that wants to buy 7mm Gibbs dies and a whole bunch of brass let me know.


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        If it's based on the '06 as a parent case, then use 375 Whelen data as a starting point.

        I'm quite sure that there's less than 5% case capacity difference the two, with the Gibbs holding a slight edge.

        I can dredge up some 375 Whelen data if you need it. I've never seen published 375 Gibbs data.

        Oh yeah, I have a 30 Gibbs on an rechambered ('o6 originally) Ruger #1.


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          It seems like this is a very obscure wildcat. I can find no information on it anywhere, in any of my local resources. I actually only find one specific reference to it on google. Ought to begun though. I went through the materials that came with it today and found a letter with some pretty extensive load workups.

          shphtr - if you find the book I would certainly be interested in knowing if the 375 is mentioned.

          Thanks for the input.


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            You've already got the 375 Whelen, 375 Whelen AI and 375 Hawk-Scovill filling this niche. The 375 Gibbs is not listed on the RCBS or Redding Custom die list either.


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              Finally found my copy of the Gibbs Cartridges. It does not mention any "375 Gibbs". The largest caliber mentioned that Rocky Gibbs is credited with is the 338 Gibbs and that along with all other Gibbs' cartridges was based on the '06 case. I would presume data for the 375 Whelen would put you in the ball park without an overload assuming your base case is also the '06. The only other resource that may provide some info is from Handloader Magazine. I recently purchased the entire library of Handloader Magazine and Rifle Magazine from issue one to the present on DVD which includes a detailed search option by caliber, powder, and key word. If I find any more info I will post my results.
              "Actions speak louder than words - 'nough said"


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                I have not cast the chamber yet, but it is an '06 based cartridge, like the other R.M.Gibbs creations. Without taking measurements this looks almost exactly like the 375 Hawk-Skovill and I have considered getting the Hawk cylindrical brass to form cases. I think I will start with 35 Whelen though and see where that takes me.

                Shphtr - if you find any reference to this cartridge I would certainly be interested in knowing what you find out.


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