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300 WSM and 200 grain Accubonds

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  • 300 WSM and 200 grain Accubonds

    Has anyone done any work with a 300 WSM and the 200 grain Accubonds ? It would seem to me that this could be a very capable "do all" combo

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    I worked up a load using 180 gr. Barnes MRX that shoot very well out of a Tika. This hasproven itself to be a very good round. I have used it on both Moose and Grizzly bear so far, with complete penetration on both.


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      I've shot some of the best groups of my life with a 300 WSM and 200 grain Accubonds in my Win Extreme Weather. I loaded 42.0 grains of RL17 into a Norma case and primed it with a CCI 250 and seated at .05 from the lands. Back to back groups measuring sub .25 MOA out of the factory tube. My velocity was 2885 with and ES of 7 fps after 10 shots.

      I worked the load from 61.0 grains and worked up to 62.3 grains. I started to hit a difinite accuracy node with a .50" group at 61.8 grains, and then 62.0 grains gave me the results above. The 62.3 group was in the same POI but the group opened to 1". I didn't push it to hit max.


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        Update: I fired the 42.0 grain load at 300 yards. The result was a .75" group between 10 Mph wind gusts. It's officially official. This one's a keeper. I'll post pictures later this afternoon.


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          42.0 grains or 62.0 grains ? I'm a little confused


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            62.0 grains not 42.0 :shot:.

            Here is a pic of the target shot at a ranged 110 yards.


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              I will TAKE that !!


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                I guess the point I am getting at is that the 200 AB can be a fantastic bullet for the WSM. Forget all the stuff going around about heavy bullets invading powder capacity. I could see that argument with slower powders, but with RL17 or the like, this bullet fits into the case with room to spare. The extra velocity is a nice bonus too.


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