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  • Which Powder to Use

    Great website for my outdoor education, thanks to all that make it so. I am hoping you folks have interest in answering a few questions for a fellow American (even though just a Floridian).

    I will soon be starting to reload for my 45-70 guide gun and think I have narrowed down powder choices to two, H-322 and RL-7. I have pretty much made up my mind to use the speer 300 grain HP and try to see how close I can get it to replicate Buffalo Bore's 300 grain ammo (they claim 2300 fps from a guide gun). The Hodgdon website has a lot to say about its powder but Alliant's website says almost nothing about its powder. I have read where some claim they get more velocity from RL-7 at a given pressure level than from H-322 which is a good thing, but for hunting conditions I have other concerns. For instance, which powder would be less temperature and position sensitive? I also plan to use dippers to measure powder loads so I was wondering which powder would dip more accurately.

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    I don't believe you can safely get there with 322. I would be looking at 4198 if 2300 is your goal.


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      Yes 4198 is where you need to be looking.
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        Start at 59.5 grains of H-4198 and move up from there.
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          Thanks guys. H4198 it is.


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