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Benchmark in the 308/7.62x51.....

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  • Benchmark in the 308/7.62x51.....

    I have been experimenting with Benchmark powder in the 308. Specifically for the auto-loading rifles. I have tried it in the AR-10, the FAL, with good results and this past week shot some good loads in the M1A with this powder. Using the Sierra 150 grain HPBT match king. The M1A is the most accurate of the trio as was expected but it is much better than expected. My rifle was one of the "loaded" rifles from Springfield, good 4-5# match trigger, match sights and NM barrel (not marked, hmmm...) anyway with these sights, non hooded rear aperture, I shot several 4" to 5" groups at my 200 yard line. I found a Gen.III scope mount and snugged it up with an older loopy 6x, put a cheek cushion on the stock and wow!! First group was just over 2" one group was 1.7", something went well. I don't shoot that well. I took pics but can't find the camera now to down at 11.

    The load is 41.0 grains of Benchmark. and the 150 grain HPBT MK. I don't like to use Federal primers in the autoloaders, due to softer cup, so went with standard CCI 200's. This gave me 2717 fps average velocity.

    Now I'm trying this Benchmark powder with this bullet in the M1 Garand. I don't expect equal performance, for a couple reasons, its a standard sighted rifle and it's a 30-06 case. But it should be an interesting experiment with the Garand gas system. I do expect it to function well. Results maybe next week.
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