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loads for 405 win in a ruger #1

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  • loads for 405 win in a ruger #1

    anyone have any good loads for the 405win in a ruger NO 1?
    I will be working up a load with the 300gr X bullet

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    I don't know the details but a buddy is real fond of both RL-7 and H-4895 with 300 grain bullets of some sort in the 405 and his #1. He's exceptionally experienced, and reports the best accuracy with the RL-7, but a fair bit more velocity with the 4895. His hottest loads will bring tears to your eyes and bruises to your shoulder, since he's shooting open sights and the gun is comparatively light.
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      I have a No. ! Ruger in 405 and I prefer H4895 for the 300 grain bullets. You can load it up to 2400 fps in that gun and it is sweeeeet. Get the folks at Kodiak to make you some .411" 325 grain bonded bullets for it. Makes a great elk gun in heavy timber. Probably great for moose. I've heard of the caliber being used to take lion.......
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        I've owned both a .405 in the Ruger #1 Tropical version and a Winchester 1895 new model. I shoot the Kodiak 300gr bonded bullet and loaded it with Benchmark powder as it is one of the "Extreme" powders for use in sub-zero temps. Can't remember the charge weight. PM if you want that data. Don't forget that Barnes also makes an X bullet in 325, 350 and 400grains. Might be cool to see what you can get out of the .405 with a bigger bullet. Even so, the 300gr Kodiak bullets make two complete pass-throughs on a buffalo. Not sure how much more you could ask of a cartridge--one was a double lung shot and the other went right through the spine in the neck...

        Have fun!!!


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          i have the miroku winchester 405. am looking for light loads for target. at this time i use imr 3031 about 47 grs. i am going to try unigue.i read a post that mentioned 12 gr. we'll see... any body got any ideas?


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            For light to medium loads I use Accurate 5744 powder, as it is position insensitive and does NOT require fillers to be accurate and reliable. 25 grains with a 300 gr bullet should give around 1500-1600 fps.


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