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Bench and Range Pics!

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  • Bench and Range Pics!

    Well I figured it was about time we put together a "Sticky" thread for pics of our Benches and range equipment. SO if you have anything handloading specific then post it up.

    *****Please keep it to pics and short commentary*********

    If you have a question about a picture then please start another thread or ask via PM. I would like to keep this focused on equipment/setup with perhaps a target or two tossed in!

    **Non PICTURE posts will be deleted**

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    Redneck tripod baby!!!

    This is an example of how NOT to setup a chrono.

    "I refuse to let the things I can't do stop me from doing the things I can"


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      The Bench,
      Out back in a former burned out garage, still dreaming of a "Dedicated Reloading Shop, but this'll do for now, (bench itself, cobbled together from the scrap woodpile - $50 total; reloading equip. - more than i thought it would be .....

      The 100 yd. Range, north of town Kodiak (12 minutes cruise, from the Bench at home)
      (the shooting gear, cobbled together with untold Thousands of $$, it seems anyway,... don't keep track of $ anymore, on purpose)

      Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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        "I refuse to let the things I can't do stop me from doing the things I can"


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          Here is my Lee Hand Loader set up. Everything you need to load 357mag and 308win fits in this watertight tool box.
          You have no more storage space excuses to not start reloading!

          With in the first fifty rounds i was shooting groups like this with a old Ruger M77 tang 308.


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            I load more shotgun shells than anything else. But this is my set up with a Hornady 366 shotshell loader and my Lyman T-Mag.


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              Nice bench Dan! Is that a NRMA plans built bench?


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                Two pics of my lilliputian setup. I have a ton of kids, one bicycle each, one snowboard each and etc, 1.5car garage. I work from a 24x48" nominal bench I bought at Lowe's. I am still using the Lowes provided particle board top, it is about three years old and holding up better than I expected.

                I put the press over around on the left edge so that when I am sizing brass the bench looks like it is four feet deep to the ram. Right now all I see under there is the media seperator, my tumbler is running. If I pile some heavy stuff on that lower shelf I can size any piece of brass I ever met.

                I am very very satisified with my digital readout scale and digital readout calipers. My eyes aren't what they used to be. I have lately started using a bullet comparator so I can seat my bullets with respect to the rifiling rather than just trusting in the COAL. Dedicated wrench and screwdriver for adjust the plunger in my seating dies, the kids have their own of those. You can also see a couple bolt heads sticking up out to the bench top. I put I think 8 or 10 bolts through the bench top and then through the underlying sheet metal to hold everything together. I do have to tighten the sheet metal screws holding the bench together about annually; and I did also take the drawer slider off one end of the larger drawer, put some washers under it as I re-attached it so it would fit right.

                EDIT: The knife I made myself, a piece of shed antler, drill a hole, $10 Scandi knife blade - the laminated ones with hard steel in the center and softer slab sides, some epoxy, bada bing, great benchtop resident. Also, the vise is bolted down through the usual supect holes, but if it is in the way I can open the drawer, undo the wingnuts and lock washers... PITA but space saving.

                Overall I give the bench a B+ after three years. If I was sizing a lot of big un co-operative brass I think I would build something more solid, but for .500 smith loaded within published limits, .45-70 loaded within published limits, and necking .308Win up to .338Federal it is enough bench. .223, .30-30 and .38+P are no problem.
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                  Going Compact with the "Boat Bench"

                  Thought you guys might like this set up:

                  Working on a little boat project in the shipyard this winter, far from my home bench and range
                  I figured I'd really need something to get my mind off the boat conversion project,

                  What Better Then Reloading, but how to get this done on a 36ft Canadian Troller??

                  Very Small Area to work with,.... is a bit of an understatement

                  Here Goes, working Well for one caliber

                  Just bought a Partner Press from RCBS, as I didn't really want to duplicate stuff I had at home,
                  so this is as minimal as I could go, "still meet the fix,..."

                  Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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                    Hard to follow K-rain and the boat based reloading room but mine is finally coming together. I picked up some old cabinets and painted them up about 4 months ago and they ended up in pieces owning a corner of the shop since then. Lately my boys have been proving to be good hands on some projects around the house so I asked them if they wanted to help me install the cabinets. They jumped on the job despite having spent the previous 5 hours doing demo work on a wall in the living room. It is more than a little awesome to have a mess of sons that are now capable of contributing to real work around the place!

                    The oak cabinet was a recent acquisition and still needs to be painted but the rest turned out pretty darn good!

                    Here are unrelated pics of the wreckin crew tearing out a dividing wall in the living room this afternoon. Pretty darn cool watching them prying up paneling, busting up drywall and hauling brute trashcan loads of debris out and dumping it in the truck.


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                      This is my home reloading Room. Just Thought Id post with the rest of you guys. Its always fun to see what Ideas you guys come up with it.......




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                        Kodiak Rain

                        That’s a very well thought out space you have there. Its clean…. it is neat and its effective. If that little press stand is bolted into a permanent fixture I can not imagine what you couldn’t reload with that setup. After reading your post from the past im wondering about your headach with your electronic scales going nutty? Is there interferance from the radio frequencecies, sway of the boat? Anything Magnetic? A generator running to keep things going ? Such a unique inviorment it would be like finding a needle in the haystack……


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