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  • 444 Marlin hard cast HP

    I am looking for a source of hard cast hollow-point bullets for my 444 Marlin. I have tryed annelling the tips on hard cast 300 gn solids with 1/8th inch holes 1/4 inch deep drilled in the tip. The bullets expanded well but failed to maintain the frontal area. The inital cavity was excellent, with soft ball size hole, but the front seemed to sluff off and the bullet continued through after 7 or 8 inches. The recovered "bullet" looked like a .432 caliber cillender. Is there any alternative or a better way to have an expanding hardcast bullet that retains the expanded frontal portion?
    Any help would be greatly apperciated.
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    In my experience, hard cast and expansion are going in opposite directions. I've not had any luck getting hard cast to expand, and in fact I don't want them to. I go for softer lead to get expansion. The hard cast HP's I tried tended to be brittle and sheer off time they started to open up. To get my HPs I simply ran some of these into my drill press. Depth and size of hole didn't seem to make much dif.
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