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338-06 brass forming?

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  • 338-06 brass forming?

    What is the best way to form 338-06 brass? Fire forming or resizing 30-06 brass in a 338-06 dies? Also what is the cost of having a barrel chambered, installed and head spaced? I have had 2 Yugo 48 Mausers for a couple of years and they seem to be pritty well made, so I bought third one for around $100 and was thinking since I already have 2 other 8mm mausers why not convert this one over 338-06. I am always trying justify filling those empty space in the safe.
    Thanks for any help.
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    A couple of comments. You can either form brass from 30-06 or 35 whelen, just run it through your full length sizer and you're good to go. You might have to trim the whelen cases to length, as when you neck a case down, it gets longer, when you neck it up, it gets shorter.

    Fitting a barrel to an action depends on what grade of barrel you use, and who does the work, which also relates to what level of precision. If you get an A&B barrel on sale from midway and it's for savage, it only needs the headspace set, so theoretically you could have it done for not much over $100 minus bluing. If you go go for top notch barrel blank you'll be out close to $300 for the blank, and having the action trued, the barrel threaded and chambered and a crown cut is $200-300 worth of machine work. I'd generally figure on $500 to fit a quality barrel. If you go with a stainless barrel you don't have a blueing cost.

    I belive the Yugoslavian mauser is what is termed an intermediate length action. What this means is an action in between .308 and 30-06 length. What this also means is a 338-06 would require modifications to the magazine and action to fit a round of it's length.

    You might want to consider something like the 338 Federal (338-08) for your shorter action.
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      Paul H

      Sorry Paul, responded to the 338-06 brass question over on the Shooting side before looking here in the Handloading side- pretty much duplicated answers


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        Remove the expander ball from your 338-06 die and measure the leading edge diameter behind the decapping pin. If it's larger than the necks of your 30-06 cases, grind it down a little and polish it to make your own "expander" ball. If it's too large from the factory compared to the opening in the 30-06 cases, there's a good chance you'll crush some of your new cases while sizing up.

        If you can find a reliable, cheap source the 35 Whelen cases are easier.

        With either beware of building up case lube in the neck area of the die. You'll end up denting the shoulders on some of your new cases.
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          I second double checking the action length.
          The M-48s are not a true copy of the M-98 large ring mauser.

          The M-48 is the same as the M-24 Mexican Mausers.
          (M-48 Action)1.410 dia. receiver ring, 8.50 in length, with screw spacing of 7.620

          The large ring M-98 , whcih includes the VZ-24 Brunos, the M-98's from WWI and WW2, GEW-98,
          The M-98k, CZ-24, Spanish made M-43/44 . Chilean M1912, Steyr Made Brazilian M1908s and 1934, Brno 98 and 1922, The Argentine. M1909, M24/30 Venezuelan, FN M1935 Peruvian,

          Have a size of ,1.410 dia receiver ring, 8.750 in length, with screw spacing of 7.835. Barrel Shank of 1.100 So they won't quite exchange stocks with the M-48 Yugos either.

          I also found out the firing pin on the M-48 yugo Mauser is a little shorter than the standard M-98.

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            I used RCBS 338-06 FL Dies and just lube the inside of neck a little and resize


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              338-06 forming


              Just a quick note to add to what has been said. The 338-06 dies should come with a tapered expander button in the sizer die. This enables you to neck up 30 cal to 338 in one pass through the die. Of course if necking down 35 Whelen it won't matter. Either way it is a very simple operation and takes no more work than just resizing standard 30-06 brass. Then load with 338 bullet and fire a standard load, the brass will now fit your chamber perfectly and the next load will be the best.

              Good luck.
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                Thanks for the info

                Thanks for the info, I really appreciate all the help. I guess that I will have to get another mauser to go forward with the project.......No complaints here, I'm always looking for an exscuse to add to the safe.
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                  I'm no gunsmith but I would investigate a little further before I gave up on using the M48 on a 338/06. The reason I say this is that my primary hunting rifle is a 375 Whelen AI (375/06). It looks to be 1950's vintage, I picked it up used and I'm not sure of it's history.

                  I believe it is built on a M48 action. I say this because when I looked at replacing the stock I realized the action screw spacing is closer than a standard Interarms type M98...75/8" intstead of 713/16" even though the action ring diasmeter appears to be the same.

                  The only markings on the rifle are "Yugoslavia" on the underside of the action and PO Ackley and 375WH on the barrel.

                  I f they can build a 375/06 on a M48 action they should be able to do a 338/06 though I don't know how much effort may have been required to make it work.

                  Like I say check with an experienced mauser gunsmith before you give up a 338/06 would be a nice caliber to use.


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                    Over the years I have good success with 54.0 of IMR 4320 and 210 Nosler Part in the 338-06.

                    Fed 210 Match Primer
                    WW Cases


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                      Good reasonably priced Mauser man

                      check out

                      if you click on pricing there is a link to chambering under the price listed for chambering...hard to spot but it shows all of his reamers...He is CHEAP...and from the looks of the replies posted he is good...he will mod mag, open up the bolt for magnums,etc....
                      he is in Oregon!

                      here is a few reamers in the caliber range you are looking for...At one time he would even supply a receiver....
                      8mm-06 Springfield ***simply ream out an 8mm Mauser barrel...decent round for mid-rnages!
                      .338-06 Springfield
                      .338-284 KCG
                      .338 Winchester Magnum
                      .35 Whelen

                      GOOD LUCK!


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                        You can always buy formed factory cases from A square. They did offer them at one time and think they still do. They would probably be expensive but they would have the proper headstamp on them if that matters to you.
                        Otherwise I would size down 35 Whelan cases


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                          Graf and Son has Weatherby 338-06 brass and it's cheaper than the A-Square stuff.
                          Now what ?


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                            A Square Brass

                            A-Square manufactures brass and ammo under the Weatherbyname for Weatherby
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                              338-06 brass

                              Originally posted by Bravowhiskey View Post
                              A-Square manufactures brass and ammo under the Weatherbyname for Weatherby

                              I'm pretty sure Norma does and has always made Weatherby's brass and ammo for all Weatherby calibers, including 338-06. Most of my boxed Weatherby brass says made in Sweden on the box.

                              A-Square obtained SAAMI acceptance of the 338-06 and Weatherby immediately brought out the ultra-light rifle in this caliber. I have Weatherby and Norma brass with this headstamp and it is the same. I also have a couple boxes of A-Square, good brass but not the same as Norma, and a bit more money.

                              I do like this caliber with the 210 partition and 54.0 grains of RL-15 for about 2750 fps. Nice elk load.
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