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    Well I have toyed with the idea of reloading for years. I used to relaod shotguns shells with my grampa for years but never anything else. Now that I bought one of these newfangled 325wsm's with shells at 45 bucks a box it might be time. Besides, if I get all setup I can reload for my 44mag, maybe the wifeys 38 and shoot them more. Heck, might even load some up for the ol' 06.

    So, where do I start?
    I see that RCBS has thier starter kit. I'm starting to do research and am open for suggestions, do's and don'ts.

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    Call several of your friends that reload and ask if you can come over and watch when they reload their shells. Of course all reloaders want to show their stuff off so you will get yes replies. See what they each have and use, what they feel they would need if they had to down scale- like moving into a small apartment. Each will have different ideas but that is what helps make your options more likely to be good choices. There is alot of money to be spent in equipment that may be fun but is not really needed. I know from experience. I buy all sorts of toys for reloading just to have another reason to reload and shoot more. You may even/likely find a friend who has more equipment that they no longer use that they would sell/loan you to get a feel for it. I have three presses and only 2 arms so loaning a press would not slow my reloading down.


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      RCBS Excellent

      Good choice.....bought a RCBS RockChucker 30 years ago and still using it!

      I do not suggest Lee

      Lyman Orange Crusher is a good press.

      The RCBS Kit is a good way to get into reloading.


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        Sent you a PM Snyd.


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          The best advise I can give you comes from my own experiences: I decided long ago that it's a pain in the neck having to remove the sizing die from the press, and then install and adjust the bullet seater die. For that reason I spent a little more money for a turret press. In this case I have two sets of dies adjusted and locked on the turret, so i don't have to remove and replace dies to reload for the two guns. I bought a Lyman T-Mag-II press, and I have been using it for over ten years.

          However, one of these days I plan to buy a Redding T-7 press, which is the mother of all turret presses, and holds seven dies on the turret.


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            Reloading help...


            If your in Fairbanks, you're welcome to drop by my place. I have a nice setup in my warm garage with a Redding T-7 and a Redding big boss press and dies for every caliber on the planet. We can load your brass or mine. Send me a PM or e-mail. It would be good to visit. I also have very good prices on equipment, all brands.
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