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Best place to buy powder in Anchorage?

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  • Best place to buy powder in Anchorage?

    We have only a few types here (4350, 3031 and 4064) and they are about $30 a pound.

    What is the best place in Anchorage to stock up the next time I make a grocery run??

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    Probably sportmans' warehouse. I would also consider Mountain View Sports. Other than that supplies are sometimes spotty, although gun traders over on Muldoon sometimes has a decent selection.


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      Gun Powder

      Sportsman's Warehouse has a good selection. Mountainview Sports has some. Great Northern Guns on Tudor has some as well as Boondocks in Eagle River.


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        Sportsman Warehouse

        Even here in Fairbanks most guns shops are asking $23 to $24 a pound for IMR and RL powder.........Sportsman Warehouse still under $20 or less.


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          Great Northern Guns has a good selection of Vihta Vouri powders if you want to try that as well. I would go to Sportsmen's Warehouse only if the little guys don't have what you want. Let's try to keep the Alaskan owned shops in business! They have given us good service for decades. (Sorry about the bold print, I'm not really shouting.)
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            It has been awhile since I bought powder at G.N.G. Although I do tend to buy a rifle or six shooter from them once a year.

            S.W. tends to irritate me, nobody wants to talk to you and when they do, you know LOTs more than they do... I am sure there are good folks there someplace, just not when I am there....

            I wonder whatever happened to the Ammo Cache up by Birchwood...?

            Since I have to buy at least 3-4 cans now, price is a consideration to some degree.

            The last big powder buy was when Pay-Less went belly up.
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              Sportsmans Warehouse. And it is MUCH cheaper there too.
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                Great Northern has pretty good prices on powder, I just picked up some 2400 last week.

                Boondocks in Eagle River often has about the best prices, and I should go there more often.

                Mountain View has a good selection, but high prices.
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                  Mountain view has a great sale at the begining of the year thats 30% off all reloading supplies, stock up then! thats what i do and you will pay around 15 bucks a pound! Heck i picked up 50 partitions for 23 bucks!


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                    I can second Boondocks.


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                      The next trip up, "when I have a car and not a plane" I'll stop by Boondocks again. It has been 3 years since I was last in there.

                      I need to buy a new powder scale as well. I want a back-up or second opinion on my 1970 balanace beam scale.
                      I guess I could just order one through Midway, but I am on credit card probation after a pretty slow business summer....

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                        Hey Floatpilot, I've got a Lyman scale I'd like to trade for a case trimmer.....
                        Vance in AK.

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                          Sportsman has the 8 lb. cans in IMR. With the difference in price from 1 lb. to 8 lb. you basically get about 2 lbs. for free. You just have to shoot more to use it up.

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                            I see Mountain View has a 20% off sale on their reloading stuff, not sure when it ends.


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                              Boondocks is having a hell of a sale on powder.


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