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  • .257 BarnesX 115g Twist question

    I just got a box of these for my 25-06. The box says the bullets are for a 1:9 twist or faster. My rifle is a Ruger MkII and I think it's got a 1:10 twist. As far as I'm concerned going 1 twist in 10" is slower.

    Will these rounds perform out of my rifle?

    Will have to load em hot to get the rotational stability recommended by Barnes with this 1:10 twist?

    I haven't loaded em yet.

    I also got a box of 120g Nosler Partitions. Those are a first for me. The Nosler Ballistic tips are accurate out of my gun at 115g. So I'm hoping to get the performance of the BT and the sturdy construction of the Partitions.

    So another question then...

    Load recommendations for the 120 partitions? I've got 4831, 4350, RL 19 and RL 22 to pick from.

    Thank you

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    I think you're SOL with the 115 TSX's...sorry

    My two quarter-bore rifles are also 10 twists. One is a 24" Roberts (Encore), and the other is a 26" custom .257 Weatherby built on a 700 action. I have tried and tried to get the 115grn TSX's to work, but it's not happening. The 115 TSX's are very long bullets for that caliber, and I just can't get them to stabilize in a 10 twist. The target holes are always misshapened and tell me that the bullet is yawing in flight. I tried to push them faster, slower, alot faster, alot slower but the results are sadly the same...it needs a faster twist.

    I've done some research on the various bullet lengths for the 25 cal. The 115 TSX is clearly one of the longest if not the longest...Berger's may be a bit longer. Interesting to note, the 120grn partition is considerably shorter than the 115 TSX, so is the 120grn A-Frame. Since shorter bullets can stabilize with slower twists than longer bullets, the 120 partitions shoot just fine from my rifles. I just bought two boxes of 120 A-Frames, but have not yet experimented with them. However, I suspect that they will shoot fine as well. I've not worked extensively with the 115grn Accubonds (a longer bullet), but my preliminary results suggest they will be fine (although they are getting closer to the length of the 115 TSX's).

    However, all that said, the 100gr TSX's are real tack drivers out of both of my rifles, and they have become my primary load. The Weatherby spits it out super fast and super flat. In fact, I'm taking it black bear hunting with the 100grn TSX's in a few weeks, and I don't feel under-gunned at all..

    Regarding powders it's RL-22 all the way for my Weatherby, and for the Roberts it's primarily IMR4350 or H4350...also RL-19, but to a lesser extent.

    Let us know if you can get those 115 TSX's to stabilize...I'd like to know your secret. I have a couple boxes of them uselessly sitting on my shelf at the bench.

    Good luck, sir



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      I have a ruger MkII as well and mine loves both the 120 partitions and 115g Barnes. I have shot everything from Coyotes to Moose with mine. I used to shoot a little lighter bullets out of it but I had one deer get up and run back into the trees and I never recovered him. With the moose I shot with barnes, they were both through and through, never recovered the bullets. The one I shot with the Partition had about 78% retention.
      I have tried most powders and IMR 4831 seems to be the ticket. If you are shooting barnes just seat them a little deeper.
      Have fun shootin`


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        Well guys it looks like I'll need to try em myself then and see just how well they do shoot.

        I think I'll really like the Partitions though.

        Thanks for your imput!


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          I have a 25-06 and a 257 wby mag both have 1 in 10 twist. I shoot from 100 gr to 120 gr bullets in both guns, they both shoot well.


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            I think its a length issue.......without the appropriate twist the long bullet won't fly strait and will deviate more with distance. Kinda like fletchings on an arrow. without the appropriate rotational stabalization the bullet will open up considerably. .


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              A 1-10" 25-06 will easily stabilize the 115 TSX.

              The 100 TSX is where it's at in .257" however.


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