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YOUR RIGHTS AT RISK: Mexico treaty is BAD

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  • YOUR RIGHTS AT RISK: Mexico treaty is BAD

    Just a heads up, folks. Time for more emails, letters, phone calls to all those in congress to prevent the ratification of the treaty with Mexico that is designed to stop illicit firearms trafficking. It's also back-door gun control. Read it yourself at the link below. It says that illicit manufacturing of guns OR ammunition (etc) is illegal. It goes on to say that any manufacturing of guns and ammunition (etc) is "illicit" if accomplished without a license from the government. At the stroke of a pen, the government can control your use of firearms and prevent handloading your own ammo. If hand loading is made illegal and you can only buy commercially made ammunition, then all it takes is high taxes (like on alcohol and tobacco) to drive the price out of sight and to effectively disarm most of America. Anyone feel the water getting warmer?


    - The border drug war problem would've been prevented had the border been placed under strong control ...promised and never delivered since as far back as the Reagan years when he promised that amnesty for illegals had to be coupled with strict employer sanctions if they hired illegal residents and strong control of our border. Every administration since then has side-stepped the issue and failed to address it. Now we have drug wars spilling into our country.

    - Arms trafficking to/from Mexico is not the problem. Watch your TV and tell me if you see boxes of .223 confiscated ...or boxes of 7.62x39 or 7.62x51. Why buy a $1500 semi-automatic AR-15 that shoots under-powered ammunition when you can spend only $150-$200 for a fully-automatic AK-47 that shoots 7.62x39 or 7.62x51?? The guns along the border come from S. America and Eastern Europe ...not the US as Hillary and Obama propose on their way to use false premises to institute illegal gun control in the United States.

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    This bill is a way to circumvent the 2nd Amendment. It allows them to modify GCA 68 and many of the other present firearms laws. As well as puts small Mom & Pop machine shops at risk. Since they will become responseable for what their products do in foriegn land once they leave the shop.
    This bill has been tabled since Clinton was president; but Obama has vowed to revive it and push it through congress.

    Want to stop US produced firearms from being smuggled to Mexico ? CUSTOMS !! ALSO; Make it illeagel for non-US citizens to purchase firearms. Then it becomes a felony if a dealer/citizen sells a firearm to an illeagel alien; as a straw man sale. Then only stolen guns should wind up in Mexico.
    The only law violated now is the importation of a firearm into Mexico; WOW an Mexican took a firearm to Mexico; that doesn't violate US law just Mexico's laws and the US isn't responseable for Mexican Law enforcement.

    Where do you think these cars are going ?


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      When legislation (and treaties etc) is introduced and they do NOT address a problem, or do NOT address the cause(s) of a problem, then it is not only bad legislation (etc) but probably also has an ulterior motive. Like the guy who dated my daughter's friend only to get closer to my daughter ...if something doesn't add up, then it doesn't. The right answer is to defeat such moves. The Mexicans are using AK-47's that didn't come from the United States why again are WE addressing the issue? The loss to your 2nd Amendment rights, which the current administration and his appointed staff ...hmmm, nahhh. I'm sure they wouldn't be trying to infringe on our rights, right?


      PS: I just read a news article (FOX) that stated that many of the guns are M-16s made in China...


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        What an arcane and devisive convention

        This is an incredibly devious document. it just shows how "transparent and accountable" our present administration is. There are already plenty of laws to deal with truly illegal acts, like sawed off shotguns and full auto conversions, which I have no problem with, only the criminal use of such weapons. I can see how these veiled threats to our 2nd Amendment rights are just another attempt to turn us into harmless citizens. I don't think so, Tim! Yup, E-mails and calls, letters, etc., anything to bring this to light. What crap!


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          Don't you all know????? People that hoard ammunition and handloading supplies are now labeled extremist!!! :eek:


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            Originally posted by BrentC View Post
            Don't you all know????? People that hoard ammunition and handloading supplies are now labeled extremist!!! :eek:
            How many rounds is considered hoarding.


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              Originally posted by starmac View Post
              How many rounds is considered hoarding.

              Here is the link. http://

              Lot's of information about gun-toting americans being marked rightwing extremists for buying ammo while it's still available.


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                Not just guns

                If you hold true to ANY conservative values, Pro-Life, smaller Govt., anything anti-govt.(read anti-Obama) then you are a right wing extremist. Sop, just live the way you know is right and decent and do what you have to do when the time comes. These people are really nuts! And they call us extremists. I see things racheting up over time because this left wing administration will NOT leave their agenda for the sake of the country as it should be, so if and when the time comes, be prepared and do what you must. This isn't going away unless one of the radical countries that Obama is kissing on the rump takes action.


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                  Here's some notes for you since I've been doing some research on all this terminology and what not:

                  - The left wing extremist DHS report specifically warned about cyber-hackers (oh my!) and named names, e.g. exact organizations that were at risk.
                  - The right wing extremist DHS report admitted the threat was "rhetorical" and name NO names and NO organizations. It is a smear because it denigrates our veterans and country-loving conservatives based on the assumption that certain philosophies 'might' result in 'radicalization'.
                  - Some of those philosophies include Antisemitism and violence against one's own government. According to the web, in other countries more than here, these correlations have been made ...even though we have few examples (don't forget McVeigh)

                  I think I'll skip the whole 'right wing extremist' terminology and instead state what I believe: a) That the United States Constitution is what I believe works best and results in the greatest country possible, b) our Bill of Rights and Constitution spell out inalienable human rights that we should not give up, and c) that I am a fiscal conservative, believing that government budget management is no different than a business' or home, that they should live within their means or cut the budget and that their irresponsibility does not make me responsible for paying their debts off nor does it justify borrowing from everybody in the world to continue living in a debt that nobody in his right mind believes will EVER be paid off anybody.

                  Who needs titles?



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