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    I will be hitting the road soon on my trip back to FB, as I trek across the US I will stop along the way and pick up some "hard to ship" items like powder and a few other things.
    Since I have not reloaded in about 10 years (I know there is a lot of different opinions here but) what would be the best powders to buy for 338 win mag, 243 win, 223, 30-30, 454 casull, 40 S&W, or anything else you might suggest, I am looking at getting the 6.5 Grendel and 50 Beowulf (and no I do not expect one powder to cover all the listed roundsÖ)
    Again I am looking for your opinion,
    the only powder I have left is H110 and Unique but I donít remember what I used them for, well I know I used the unique for my 9mm but donít know what else and really donít remember what I used the H110 for, all my books are packed up for transport.

    With all the remarks about how hard it is to get reloading supplies up there I was thinking of bringing everything I can before I have to have it shipped.

    Thanks for the input.
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    This is what I like best today for some of your guns.

    40 S&W, or most any auto handgun and wheel gun from 357 down.
    Bilseye or Unique

    454 and other wheel gun from 357 up with hot loads.
    Lil-Gun is best but I also use H110/W296 but Lil-Gun is cleaner

    30-30 is always H4895 or IMR4895 for me, it makes a great hot 30-30 load! It's also good for 308 based rounds so is versatile powder.

    I don’t have any of your other chamberings so I guess I'm done now.
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      Some of this kind of depends on the bullets you want to launch and the launcher.

      .223 in AR for 55 gr I like AA2230, for 69, 77, and 80 I like RL15.

      I've loaded mostly IMR 4831 for the .338, but picked up some RL19 to try.


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        Just remember if driving Canada will only let you bring so much powder/primers. It is not that much either so I suggest checking before hitting the border.


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          In my limited experience,

          I've had good luck with H 4350 in my 338 WM.

          H4895 for 30-30. (I've also used IMR 3031, and W748)

          H 4227 or IMR 4227, for my 357, and 44 Mag, so it might work good for the beeger bores too.

          Good luck, gittin it through Canada.

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