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  • obsolete calibre?

    I am going to have a 1909 Arg.98 action blue printed and barreled and stocked and suspect it to be done by spring. I am deliberating on a calibre. This being a really fine Mauser action would do well with a 9.3 chambering, would be fitting.

    What is the availability of brass for the 9.3 x 64 brenneke and can it be bought enough at a time say like a hundred peices at a time? I understand it rivals the .375 H&H and that would be ideal for us Alaskan hunters.

    Some have mentioned this round is about as dead as a cartridge can get--I seem to be abit doubtful. Perhaps this is because I would like to have this cartridge built in the Mauser. Bullet selection is good so that is a plus.

    Reloading this seems to easy enough and accuracies from all I have gathered is extremely good but like I said I lack experience first hand. I was contemplating the new .375 Ruger chambering in this's a Mauser.

    Who in America stocks brass and is it readily available? Is it troublesome to get, like 20 pcs. now and wait for the distributor to get more? Do you suspect this round to be dead in yrs to come. History favors the round recently because of bullet selection. Yrs back when it first was introduced the .375 H&H had the edge and this round fell into the shadows but now it seems hopeful that it is revived? Would hate to get this set up and find yrs down the road I cannot locate brass.

    This is I hope is a handloading question and not misplaced and should have gone to the shooting forum. This doesn't have the technical questions of powder charge wgt./velocities/bullet weight as a question on future reloading of the round.

    What do you figure? I suspect as well that for all intended purposes this cartridge will do a future sheep hunt and other necessary subsistence requirments ie..., grizz hunts/kills and moose at ranges expected.

    your ideas please.

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    I'm not sure what the availability of brass is for the 9.3X64. I will make a few comments about obscure chamberings though, as I've fiddled with a few, most notably the 350 Rigby and 500 Jeffrey. Having obscure brass is a PITA to put it mildly. You might see many sources listed when you start your project, and figure you'll order brass when the gun is done. Then you find that most if not all of those sources are back ordered. Or, you start off with 50-100 cases, decided down the road to get more, and have to deal with the same issue. Bertram brass is soft and poorly made, so if they are source you're depending on, look elsewhere. Hornbear is excellent, but hard to come by, and ordering direct from Dieter could take a year or more, not to mention international shipping and possible restrictions post 9/11.

    Personally, I will never again go for a chambering that isn't based off of either the generic -06, X57 ie 0.473" case head, or the belted magnum of various lengths.

    Another consideration is getting a magazine that is the proper dimensions for the case you plan to feed. When you go to a wider dia case for a mauser, the magazine should be widened accordingly, taper changed if necessary, and the feed rails will need work as well. There are darn few smiths capable of doing that work properly, and a cluge of that job makes for a cluge of a rifle that doesn't feed with the slickness mausers are known for. The dimensions of the magazine, folower and feed rails are critical to proper feeding of a bolt gun, and are dependent on the dimensions of the case.

    This is a long way of saying, going with a 9.3X62 makes so much more sense. You give up just a tad of velocity, but the rifle can be easily made on a mauser, and brass is std 0.473" case head.
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      .375 H&h

      Why not just have it chambered in .375 H&H and be done with it? Components and ammo are easy to find, and it is a proven performer. The animals you'll be shooting will never know the difference.


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        I'm with Paul on this. I think brass would be hard to find, like chicken lips. RWS is the only listed manufacturer of this brass and it can't be made from anything common.

        I love the caliber and it is such a well designed case, but I'm afraid it is too obscure for me, and I like oddballs. You could go to the belted 338 Win Mag necked to .366", that brass will be here a while, and ballistics would be equal. There are a lot of good bullets for the 9.3's now and many will stand more velocity. I think what killed the 64 was that bullets of it's era were made for the 62, 72 and 74 which were 2300 fps velocity. When pushed to 2600+ fps they failed routinely. That's why the 9.3x62 became so popular, bullets didn't break up.

        I still have a few 9.3x64 cases by Norma that I've had a while, hoping to build a rifle in that caliber. I was unable to find a renewable source for brass and dropped the project. I have owned two rifles in the caliber but they are long gone. One was very nice the other was mostly junk! The caliber is even dead in Germany where the 9x74R is so popular.

        The 376 Steyr is this case shortened 4mm. Maybe we could just neck that back up to .366". The 376 is a good round on it's own.
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          going with the .375 H&H and Stuart Satterlee of Satterlee Arms. Jim Weisners saftey conversion, SunnyHill bottom metal, Douglas ultrarifled, 23"bbl., NECG Express rear- barrel band front, barrel band swivel, Talley bases, RimRock stock 13 5/8" pull,fully bedded-free float,rust blued. Not to forget to have it carburized as well.

          should do for a Mauser.

          Glad to share about the 9.3 x 64 and more importantly brass availability. Suppose if money grew on trees I would do it. Have my .375 RUM sold in a Remmy so I am good to go for this. Marten abound where I live so this is a doer as trapping season begins.



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            done abit more search and now have found lots of backorder on about every brand of .375 H&H brass. So the door is opened once again and something about reality check is coming on. Most times the big heavy hitters are not really needed in my walks. I still have my .45-70 with 425grnrs.

            Kind of leaves me with either the .308 Norma Mag. or the 9,3 x 62 brenneke. My .30-338 win mag exists so the 9,3 is leading my thoughts. Could wait and see who will have the .375 Ruger reamer in early 07'--anyone know of one that has place an order of one?

            Ballistically speaking all cartridges are quite effecient no doubt. 37 calibers have done quite a job in fulfilling or meeting the requirements in hunting and harvesting but so has the 9.3 and brass is available to a great extent, so I have read.

            I am not looking for the magic bullet cause the ole .30-30 can still be quite amazing and effective---the 9.3 is looking pretty good.



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              .365 somthin

              griz, Afraid the 9.3x64 is history and what gives with the 375 HH brass?? Guess it's low priority on the factories' lists with all the SMs and UMs out there. Anyway, looking at the 9.3x62- very similar to the 35 Whelen. It has a very slightly larger shoulder diameter by specs than the -06 based wildcats but unknown on the shoulder angle and the exact dimensions that end up in the chamber may depend upon the reamer used... no problem as long as the headspace is kept tight for the first fireforming. Brass is available for the 9.3x62 and like Murphy said even it's future is unknown. But, the good news is that in a pinch either 30-06 or 35 Whelen brass can be reformed to 9.3x62. Sounds like an interesting project for the Mauser action.


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                The Argentine 1909 Action is just a large ring mauser with a couple differences ordered by Argentina, one being that neat looking bolt release.
                They are not long enough for a 375HH.

                Since CZ is importing more 9.3x62mm rifles, there is a better chance of finding brass.

                Has anyone mentioned the 358 Norma Mag yet?
                It is perfect for the 30-06 length action, is very accurate and has lots of thump. You would need to have the bolt face opened for the belted magnum case head. Plus you would loose some magazine capacity.

                With a 9.3x62mm the bolt face can stay as it is.... Just as it could in 35 Whelen. And the magazine capacity stays at 5 rounds.
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                  I have a little Husqvarna mauser chambered in 9.3X57. It is equvalent to the 358 Winchester when shooting 232 grain bullets. Nice little cartridge.


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                    well this ole hardhead sole just told Stuart Satterlee to chamber a 9,3 blank to the 64--what! haha. Figured I have to just try this round out for myself and horde up on RWS brass. No one knows the future so I might as well enjoy the moment.

                    If I went with the .375H&H he would have to take away quite abit of the metal to get it to fit. Said he has done 9 thus far in the standard action 98's and it can be done with precise care. He assured me he can do this. If one was to pull down his website you will see he is more than qualified to do the work. He literally builds Mausers from scratch and his labor and skills are phenonemal-beautiful work!

                    It is tough not going with the flow but..... it should be a good carry. If brass gets really "tough" to find well... I will just rebore/chamber for the Ruger .375 out in the new yr of 07'--Jim Dubell does an excellent job of reboring. Had one rifle done already, my Rem. model 30 to a .338-06

                    Got to have some vice right? It makes sense to me



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                      griz, Makes sense to me too! Why have the same when you can have something different, old or obsolete! I see 9.3x64 Brenneke brass listed at Buffaloarms for about $107/100- not bad . Not sure on quality or availability though. Anyway, it'll certainly get you into the "375 HH" category- one level up from the 9.3x62/338-06/35 Whelen and it's not belted- a plus! Good luck and keep us posted.


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                        I got one

                        Griz, pull up what I have posted on the 9.3x64. I did build one and I love it


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                          factory fodder for the 286gr. is 2690fps. might want to get the most out of your caliber as I will most assuredly will. My selection is either going to be North Forks 286 out next yr and Barnes 286. There is not cheap bullets other than Speer that I can see to tweak the scope and cheaply shoot.

                          Mausers are contagious and very well built. Easy to appreciate. Yours sounds like a nice one at that.



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                            Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska.

                            If you have a tenuous grasp of reality, Alaska is not for you.


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                              Economical bullets??? Try Graf's for the Prvi 285 gr rn. I have bought 600 in the last year. Fits both my 9.3X57 and 9.3X74. Graf's is in Missouri. You may find they have the 9.3X64 brass. I'm not sure . They had my X74 brass in stock so I bought 100 cases. Probably will last a while. I would think they have X64 brass as well. That may be my next bolt gun. Good luck with your project. I think you will find that caliber exactly as predicted. An H&H in a shorter bolt gun. Rusty Zipper


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