Spring Reloading Order Just Arrived!



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  • Spring Reloading Order Just Arrived!

    Just got my annual spring order arrived at my place. 5 lbs RL-7, 4 lbs Bullseye, 8 lbs IMR 4350, 4 lbs 2400, 3 lbs Benchmark, 8 lbs Varget, 1 lb AA-2520, 2 lbs H-322, 8 lbs H-110, lots of 22 cal bullets, 100 Barnes 85 gr TSX for a new Sako 243, some Hornady .452 300 gr XTP-Mag to try in my Casull, some brass in 222, 17 Rem F/B and 41 Mag, and misc other stuff like the new Lyman manual, scope covers, Galco holster for 4 inch N frames and so on.

    If only there were ample primers around. I'm going to have to dig into my stash of primers which is slightly less than 5,000 remaining now. Hope the supply improves soon.

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    r walter
    are you selling some of your powder or just telling us about some of your new toys? i need some h-110 so if you are selling let me know or PM me and i'll call you back. thanks


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