More powder arrived today!!!



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  • More powder arrived today!!!

    Just a note to let everyone know I have the following powders in stock:

    Just arrived:
    RL-17 and RL-19 in one piound containers
    US 869 in an 8 pounder
    H414 in an 8 pounder
    Power Pistol in 4 pounders
    and more H4831SC

    H4831SC in 1 pound containers
    Win 760 in 1 pound containers
    RL-15 in 1 pound container (only 1 left!)
    Win 748 in 8 pound containers
    Win 231 in 8 pound container (only 1 left)
    Win 296 in 8 pound container (only 1 left)

    Sorry after the replies I have recived on this forum in the past I do not quote prices here. If you are looking for any of these items, call or stop by the store.

    Steven Untiet
    Alaska Custom Firearms
    (907) 349-GUNS

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    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Glad to here you are getting powder in!

    Can I ask how long shipping took and how much you are still waiting for?
    Also do you have primers in stock or in route?

    I'm thinking we may be on the back end of this shortage mess at last.

    On the web=
    Email= [email protected]
    Call/Text 602-315-2406
    Phoenix Arizona


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      I stopped into Steve’s place on Saturday because of his post here (alas, someone beat me to the RL 15) and came home with a pound of W760.

      He is apparently not inclined to post his prices here on the site, and since he doesn’t want to do it, I don’t feel its my place to go against the grain and post what I paid, but I will say that I think I got a fair deal on that pound of powder, and will probably buy some more from him in the future,
      “You’ve gotten soft. You’re like one of those police dogs who’s released in to the wild and gets eaten by a deer or something.” Bill McNeal of News Radio


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        I picked up 2 pounds of H4831 and thought hard about the 8 lb. jug of 296. Steve, if you get any Varget or H4350, please post it!



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          Just gotin some H4895 in 1 pound containers!
          Steven Untiet
          Alaska Custom Firearms
          (907) 349-GUNS


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            Down to:
            7 pounds of H4831cs
            1 pound of W760
            10 pounds of RL-17

            Have a few bags oif the primed .223 brass left

            Just recieved 500 round bags of .224 55gr. FMJ Armscor bullets

            A few misc Barnes Bullets, expecting more any day.

            Still no primers

            Steven Untiet
            Alaska Custom Firearms
            (907) 349-GUNS


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