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    I've done a little reloading for my 308, mostly just for fun, but I want to get a little more serious about it. I got one of those little single caliber Lee Loaders a few years back, and it's fun, but I'm going to step up to a press.

    The question I have, is what dies do I need? I want to get set up for a 204, which I hope to get very soon, and I'll be doing my 308win as well, and I already have the dies for my 9.3x62. Do I need just the 2 die set? Where can I find a crimp die? My guns are all bolt actions. Also, I've been thinking about reloading 357 as well.

    Comments welcome, but basically I just don't know what dies I really need to get started.

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    Well yeah, there's a lot of special dies out there, like the bushing dies, and the Lee Collet die, Precision seating dies, etc.

    For a bolt action rifle, you can get along well with a 2 die set, but a 3 die set that includes a Neck Sizing die is a good investment. A neck sizing die sizes only the neck, and that's fine, when you are loading for only one rifle. You shouldn't hafta crimp for any of the rifle cartridges you mentioned. BUT, if you so choose, you can do it with the crimping shoulder on your seating die, OR get Lee Factory Crimp Die.

    Lever Action, Auto, or Pump guns, tubular magazines, and heavy recoil are good reasons to crimp, and you need a crimping groove on the boolit. If none of the above applies, I'd say don't bother to crimp.

    For 357 you will need a 3 die set, which includes an expander, but I suggest the Lee 4 die set that has the Factory Crimp die. It makes it easier to crimp, and you should crimp your 357 loads.

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      Go to this link and you can look at the dies by caliber and read the product info on each set as well as reviews from people that have them. You will learn a bunch reading that stuff.

      This is what I would recommend for a 308 starter set.

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