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  • Bullet suppliers in Alaska?

    hey all,
    Anyone have any info on bullet manufacturers/suppliers in our state? I plan on buying some cast .44, .40, and .30cal and would like to keep it in state if at all possible.

    Kindest Regards,


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    Try http://bullshop.gunloads.com/index.html. In delta junction. Dan knows more about cast bullets than most. I think he posts on here sometimes.


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      See this post.

      I'll add a phone # later.
      Vance in AK.

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        I reccommend Stoner Bullet and Supply. 376-9488

        He's at most of the Gun Shows. The bullets I like from him are the 44 Mag. BB 240 grain, and the 270 grain SWC GC.

        He always has a variety, and each boolit is beautifully done.

        Another Guy, "Arnies Bullets" is at the shows too. His, have worked for me too, but don't look as pretty. I've used lots of his 357 158 grain SWCs.

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          I agree with Smitty. Stoner makes a really nice bunch of bullets. I've shot about 1k in 45acp and 500 in 38sp. I use Arnie's bullets for medium power practice rounds for my s&w 500.

          When I order in bulk, 10k bullets at a time, I order from Outside.


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            Ranger Rick posts regularly on this forum. He makes bullets right there in Homer. You might look him up .

            PS Dan at Bullshop makes a quality bullet and is a real nice guy. Anybody going to the Delta area owes themselves a side trip to see Dan and his operation. Nice Folks.
            He also makes and sells about any lubes you need for reloading and casting. His sprue plate lube is second to none.
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              Definetly check with Rick there in Homer as he makes a great product at a good price, but last I knew he wasn't casting anything smaler than 44 cal.
              Vance in AK.

              Matthew 6:33
              "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."


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                The Burll Shop

                I agree that Dan is very knowledgable, especially when it comes to matching the bullet to your needs.



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                  Ranger Rick is a straight up guy. Can't go wrong with him. And he has some wild heavy-for-caliber bullet designs.
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                    Thanks guys... I got a PM from Ranger Rick and unfortunately he is only casting big stuff. I'll try some of the other suggestions. As always, keep any info coming and thanks for the replies.
                    Keep as much business in AK as possible!!!




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