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  • .280 Remington loads

    I am looking to save a little money experimenting with different powder and different bullets. I have a Rugger M77All Weather Hawkeye in .280 remington. Does anyone out there have recipes that produce a half way accurate hunting round? I dont want to shoot a bullet that weighs less than 150 grains. Thanks for any help.
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    Best performance

    56.0 grains of IMR 4350 was my most consistant load for accuracy. However, that was for 140 Noslers. Never did any work with 160 grainers.

    That was 20 yrs ago so maybe some new propellants would top it.


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      If you want speed, try N560.


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        I have a 280AI and shoot 140g Accubonds out of it infront of IMR4831 and a CCI200 primer. 4831 has always been accurate in my rifles. The accubonds have also performed flawlessly on game.


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          I have the same question. Here is what I've tried so far.

          160 grain Speer Grand Slam
          Tried AA4350 & RL-19.
          CCI BR-2 primers on both, Rem 9 1/2 primers also with AA4350.
          C.O.A.L = 3.300"

          Best accuracy was with 54.5 grains of RL-19, velocity was 2,710 fps (24-inch barrel). This will be my spring bear load if I don't get a chance to try something else.

          I don't think the speer data for the AA4350 is correct.

          140 grain Accubond.
          Tried RL-19 & IMR4831
          CCI BR-2 primers, C.O.A.L. = 3.350"

          Higher velocities with IMR 4831, but best accuracy at max load with RL-19 (57 grains).


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            I use 57 grains of H4831, and 160 grain Speer, or Sierra, or whatever.

            No 140s for me, OR any premium boolits. Not necessary IMO.

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