At what velocity does leading begin to occur



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  • At what velocity does leading begin to occur

    Fellas, I just posted this question over in "Handguns," and now realize that it belongs here. So, here's the short of it.
    I'm shooting a Ruger Blackhawk 45 colt.
    Want to shoot plain base 260gr, Keith style...hunting loads... through deer.

    With H 110, how much powder can I put under a 260 cast bullet before I have to contend with "leading?"

    Thanks fellows, Scott

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    I just finished a long winded response on handgun, but basically as much as won't tear the gun apart IF everything else is right.
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      Yeah. If all those other factors are right about 25 grains, but you don't need that velocity to shoot through deer.

      If you're making your own study the Lyman cast bullet hand book for a few weeks then buy your molds, lube, sizer, beg, borrow or steal your alloy and jump in.

      If you haven't bought H110 yet look for some H4227. Google the 45 Colt for John Taffins writings on that old warhorse.
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