Anyone interested in a group buy for PRIMERS?



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  • Anyone interested in a group buy for PRIMERS?

    As stated... Are there many interested in this? I know I'm good for a few thousand poppers...


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    I need: 1,000 LR and 1,000 Fed. 215's. So count me in.



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      If somebody placed a order I could probably use a couple thousand myself.


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        Glad to see some momentum mounting on this one... We just need someone to volunteer for executing the order. I'm pretty busy most of the time and don't look forward to it, but if nobody else steps up, I'm not going to let the group order die in its tracks ...I'll do it if I have to. :rolleyes:

        NOTE: This is for the FAIRBANKS/NORTH POLE area...



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          Primer order

          I'm interested in a primer order. I have been looking for the last couple of weeks for WLRM, CCI 400 and have been unable to locate a dealer in the lower 48 that has any. If you have a dealer that has primers please let me know.


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            I would be in for 2k each of Federal 205M and 215M, and 3K of 210M.
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              let me know when this gets going, heres my request for........ a small amount.

              2000 Fed 155's

              1000 Fed 210's GM Match if possible



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                Anybody leading an Anchorage based order?



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                  I just found a supply of 500,000 small rifle primers right here at a local shop in Phoenix. I'm picking up 5000 in the morning. I already secured them with a credit card tonight.

                  Most of you big game guys probably don't have a need for this size but they are needed for my 204 and 223 projects. I've had primers on back order for over a month from multiple places. I figure I'll just buy a **** load and be done with it.

                  If anyone is interested I will have information by midday on March 5th. I will also check their supply of other primers.


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                    I'd be interested in a 1000 each cci 400's and 350's, maybe more and would take them in the aps strips too. A guy I work with "medo" here on the forums may be interested also.
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                      Originally posted by Snyd View Post
                      I'd be interested in a 1000 each cci 400's and 350's, maybe more and would take them in the aps strips too. A guy I work with "medo" here on the forums may be interested also.

                      I'm heading up in the morning. The shop is about 75 miles north of my area, quite a big town...

                      They did not have 400's, I'm a CCI lover too. Have to settle for 205M's. I'll do some digging and take notes on their inventory. I'll respond by midday.

                      I have primers on back order at Midway USA, Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops. Sportsman's Warehouse has empty shelves. I was surprised to find these tonight. They claim to have 1/2 a million 205M's in stock.


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                        I'd be interested in a couple cases of Winchester WLRM primers. But someone would have to be a real nice guy to hold them for me in Anchorage until I could get in to pick them up. Anyone?
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                          I would get at least 1000 CCI Large Rifle Primers, if the price was okay. It might be good to look at prices on shipping and Hazmat, to find out just how big this needs to be to be practical.


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                            me too

                            I need

                            1000 of LRM, any brand, prefer CCI, Federal
                            1000 of LPistol Magnum, any brand, prefer CCI, Federal
                            1000 of SPistol or SPistol Magnum, any brand, prefer CCI, Federal

                            The problem is, the rifle primers are in a short supply pretty much everywhere. Third Gen has some selection of pistol primers though. They waive $20 HazMat fee for order starting from 30,000 primers, only nominal Lower 48 S/H charge of $4.95 remains.

                            Lynden Transp can forward primers to FBKS by truck for $210 flat rate, covers up to 100 pounds HazMat shipments. It takes just a few days, ~5 or so. 100 pounds is a a lot of primers though, ~70,000. We don't need so much primers apparently.

                            Our fellow forum participant RONSTER kindly offered once his account with SPAN Alaska and recently reconfirmed it. It can be a bit longer, but noticeably cheaper than Lynden Transp. SPAN AK charges flat $41 HazMat fee for parcels under 50 pounds total weight. This is 35,000 primers or so. I did not count all orders, but it looks like it is feasible to go ahead right now and order at least pistol primes from Third Gen. And wait for the rilfe primes availability.

                            By the way, neither forwarder will mix primers and powder for one HazMat shipping fee. On-line suppliers will do it, but it does not matter for our purposes.



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                              I just returned home from a good find. This place here in Phoenix is a very small mail order shop in a warehouse district but they sell to walk in customers too.

                              Their email address is:


                              They have a little of everything. The following primers were in stock when I left a few hours ago.


                              They had a better supply of powder than any where I've seen in a long time. I picked up RL-15, RL-17, BLC-2, 10X.

                              They said once the powder is gone they will be out until June, their supplier is back ordered.

                              I stopped in to the Dillon sales floor on the way back. They had a few powders on hand too. None that I need but several other types.


                              I hope this info helps you guys.


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